Complete Guide to Fire Safe Homes and Workplaces in India
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Complete Guide to Fire Safe Homes and Workplaces in India

According to statistics, over 13000 fires leave behind the devastation of life and property every year in India. It is unfortunate that fire accidents are not only physically disturbing but also affect people emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Thus it is important that these incidents be reduced as much as they can.

What is firewall technology?

CenturyPly has taken the initiative to create plywood that can reduce the spread of fire in  homes and offices. They achieved this with the help of their firewall technology. This technology is embedded into specially engineered plywood that makes it resistant to fire and reduces the rate of spread of fire.

This firewall technology can save your life from fire accidents by containing the spread of toxic gas and fire. Once the source of fire is removed, the plywood self-extinguishes. This makes your plywood fire resistant and protects you and your belongings from any fire spread.

This technology is certified as the best class technology by Indian standards against the following parameters: rate of burning, smoke emission, flammability, flame penetration, and many others. Moreover, this technology in no way affects the other features of the plywood.

This way, all CenturyPly plywood retains their remaining features, including ViroKill technology, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, color fastness, scuff resistance, scratch resistance, even thickness, proper back sanding, and boiling water resistance. Firewall technology plywood is a must-have in your homes, especially in your kitchen, where fire and heat are common.

Currently, the firewall technology is only embedded in the Club Prime Plywood and Architect Ply. Thus, you can opt for these plywood types for your kitchens and make sure that the probability of fire accidents is reduced. This fire accident prevention plywood can save you and your family from a major accident.

Advantages of Firewall Technology Plywood

Following are the advantages of firewall technology plywood that make them so appealing to the customers:

  1. It is not just a surface treatment. Instead, the technology is embedded into the core of the product. This is the reason why the plywood doesn’t get affected by polishing, lamination, or paints. Thus, as long as the source of fire is removed from the surface of the plywood furniture, the fire extinguishes itself.
  2. Due to the firewall technology, the plywood becomes non-hygroscopic which means that it doesn’t absorb any moisture from the surroundings, which prevents delamination and maintains the integrity and originality of the furniture.
  3. Among the CenturyPly plywood currently, only the Architect Ply and Club Prime plywood are embedded with firewall technology. This doesn’t affect other features of CenturyPly, and all of them remain intact. Thus this technology is simply a value addition to all the amazing features of CenturyPly.

The Firewall Technology CenturyPly plywood

There are two CenturyPly plywood that come with the firewall technology. These are:

  • Architect Ply: This is a premium plywood type that is made with exclusive resins and technologies, including Boiling Water Technology and Firewall Technology. They are also resistant to scratches, moisture, borer and termite, and abrasion. During the making of this plywood, the process of pre-pressing is used to ensure a homogeneous spread of adhesives and moisture. This makes the plywood swell and warp-free. With no core gap, this plywood has a lifetime warranty. They are also IS:5509, and IS:710 certified.
  • Club PrimePlywood: Each plywood is treated with preservatives before pre-pressing to make sure that the adhesives and moisture spread uniformly. After this, a unique GLP formula is applied to make the plywood resistant to borer and termites. With a 25-year warranty, each Club Prime plywood undergoes 24 quality tests and is embedded with all CenturyPly


CenturyPly is one of the best plywood brands. The firewall technology plywood is a great addition to CenturyPly that reduces the amount and spread of fire accidents.

Fire accidents are a big threat to Indian households and can cause a lot of damage both to you and your family and your assets. Though this technology doesn’t prevent fire accidents completely, it does reduce the time of fire spread which gives more time to people to escape.


Ishita Garg