The Ultimate Face-off: Comparing Honda Activa 6G and Activa 125

Honda Activa scooters have long been synonymous with reliability, performance, and fuel efficiency in the two-wheeler market. Among the various models, the Activa 6G and Activa 125 stand out as popular choices for their style and functionality. In this comparison article, we aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of these two iconic scooters from Honda.

Firstly, we’ll delve into a brief overview of the Honda Activa series, exploring its evolution and key features. Next, we’ll highlight the significance of comparing both scooters, considering factors such as engine specifications, design elements, and technological advancements. Finally, we’ll outline the purpose of this comparison, aiming to assist potential buyers in making informed decisions. This article will guide you through the nuances of the Activa 6G and Activa 125 and help you to choose the scooter that best suits your needs.


Technical Specifications

When delving into the technical aspects of the Honda scooty, the engine performance takes center stage. The Activa 6G boasts a refined engine with power and torque figures that underscore its efficient performance. With an impressive power output and torque, it ensures a smooth and responsive ride. On the other hand, the Honda Activa 125 presents a more powerful engine, delivering a heightened sense of performance.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the Honda Activa 6G stands out for its commendable mileage, providing an economical commuting solution. Meanwhile, the Activa 125, while offering a robust engine, maintains a balance between power and fuel efficiency.


Honda Activa 6G Matte Axis Grey Metallic


Moving on to suspension and handling, the Activa 6G features a reliable suspension system that enhances ride comfort and stability. Similarly, the Honda Activa 125 incorporates a well-designed suspension system, contributing to a smooth and controlled riding experience. In summary, the technical specifications of these scooters showcase a careful balance between power, fuel efficiency, and ride comfort.


Design and Features

In terms of exterior design, both scooters showcase distinctive aesthetics that cater to different preferences. The Activa 6G exhibits a sleek and contemporary design, with sharp lines and a modern appeal. On the other hand, the Activa 125 boasts a robust and premium look, featuring a blend of elegance and dynamism. Moving to features, the Honda Activa 6G comes equipped with a range of notable attributes. It includes an external fuel filler cap for added convenience and an LED headlamp for enhanced visibility. It also gets a digital analog meter with an eco-speed indicator.

In contrast, the Honda Activa 125 offers additional features, such as a front glove box with mobile charging. It also boasts an advanced digital meter, and an idle stop-start system for improved fuel efficiency. Both scooters prioritize rider comfort with features like a spacious under-seat storage compartment and comfortable seating. In conclusion, the both scooters not only differ in their exterior designs but also offer unique features. These features provide riders with a well-rounded and enjoyable experience, making them stand out in the competitive scooter market.


Honda Activa 125 Rear Right View


Ride and Comfort

When it comes to seat comfort and ergonomics, both scooters prioritize rider satisfaction through thoughtful design elements. The Activa 6G features a well-cushioned and spacious seat, providing a comfortable riding experience even during extended journeys. Its ergonomic design ensures a natural and relaxed riding posture, reducing fatigue for the rider. Similarly, the Activa 125 offers a plush and accommodating seat, emphasizing a balance between style and comfort.
In terms of handling and maneuverability, the Activa 6G excels with its nimble and responsive performance, offering a smooth ride through urban traffic and tight corners. The Activa 125, with its slightly larger engine, provides a more commanding and powerful ride, ensuring confident handling on diverse surfaces.


Pricing and Variants

In the competitive landscape of the scooter market, pricing plays a pivotal role, and both scooters present distinct price offerings. The Honda Activa 6G is positioned as an economical choice, with a relatively lower market price compared to Activa 125.
The Honda Activa 6G price starts at Rs. 75,347 and goes up to Rs. 82,734 (avg. ex-showroom). It is available in 5 variants.
The Honda Activa 125 price starts at Rs. 80,859 and goes up to Rs. 90,032 (avg. ex-showroom). It is made available in 4 variants.
In summary, the pricing and variant strategy of these scooters provide options for riders with different budget considerations and preferences. It allows them to make informed choices based on their specific needs.



In summary, the comparison between the Honda Activa 6G and Activa 125 highlights key differences and similarities. It allows prospective buyers to make informed decisions based on their priorities.
In conclusion, both scooters offer distinct propositions, and the choice ultimately boils down to individual needs and preferences. Honda has adeptly provided options that cater to diverse riders in the scooter market, ensuring a well-rounded and satisfying riding experience for all.



Rushil Kumar