3 Reasons to Download the Century Ply Promise App Now
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3 Reasons to Download the Century Ply Promise App Now

Unfortunately, the whole market of plywood and other composite materials was getting highly corrupted due to counterfeit plywood and scammed or unauthorized dealers.

It is very important to invest in top premium quality plywood and other composite materials such as veneers, Cement Fiberboards, plywoods, PVC, etc., or else you might dig a big hole in your pocket. The interiors of both residential space and commercial space are responsible for creating the first impression about the whole space in the visitor’s mind.

The world of interiors and decors has changed significantly in past decades, from themes to decor styles to functional and structural aspects of design elements.

Rise of Plywood and composite materials

Composite materials and plywood are considered to be more efficient when it comes to interiors and even exteriors of the house. Due to their tech-advanced build, they are capable enough to deal with harsh climatic conditions.

Apart from being strong, durable, and sustainable, these materials come into numerous different variants. These variants are perfect for the subjective quotient of design and functional aspects.

All of these different grade plywoods and the other composite materials allow design and decors to be more efficient.Thus, it is always best to choose certified and verified plywood and other composite materials for your home decor and commercial spaces.

As we mentioned how the sale of counterfeit plywood is corrupting the market for composite materials, numerous sellers are selling cheap quality plywood and ruining the money and the interiors. Thus, it is always best to buy all the composite materials from authorized dealers.

Why people trust CenturyPly?

CenturyPly is the most reliable and oldest market leader in the plywood and composite materials industry. The philosophy of CenturyPly is to add innovations to the horizon of composite materials and is responsible for the paradigm shift of living and commercial places in India.

CenturyPly is now enjoying the brand reputation of being the first choice of architects and interior designers. CenturyPly is a premium lifestyle brand, and they have a firm ethos grounding in the whole idea of perseverance, power, and determination.

Why was CenturyPromise launched?

With this same ethos of perseverance, sustainability, and the vision of upgrading the market of plywoods and other composite materials, CenturyPly has launched the app CenturyPromise.

The CenturyPromise app of CenturyPly is the result of the vision of adding more value to money by the huge leader of the Plywood market. CenturyPly is willing and trying to add the quotient of consumer awareness.

With the help of the CenturyPromise app, the issue of counterfeit plywood can be easily tackled, and with its use, the selling of cheap quality plywood can be limited.

CenturyPromise app is the new technology that will help you to avail the best quality plywood for your interiors and commercial spaces. The CenturyPromise app ensures the plywood warranty. Here are the main benefits of the CenturyPromise app.

  1. Quick and more efficient
  2. Adds on to the consumer knowledge
  3. Simple and intuitive user interface

   1. Quick and more efficient

Usually, to check the quality of the plywood, the whole material has to go through many quality tests, and these quality tests might take 48 to 72 hours.

When you go to buy plywood and composite materials, you won’t be able to conduct these quality tests. At this very point, the CenturyPromise app comes into the picture and helps you to choose the certified plywood within just a few minutes.

You just need to scan the QR available on the plywood through the app of CenturyPly, and you will have quick results of whether the plywood is certified or not.

   2. Adds on to the consumer knowledge

When making the purchase of the materials of interiors and decors, as a layman, you might not be aware of the grade and variants of plywoods and composite materials available in the market. Adding on to this, you have the responsibility of choosing the best materials for your decor.

The CenturyPromise app helps you to quickly choose the certified and authorized plywood for your remodelling projects. As soon as you scan the QR through the app of CenturyPromise, you can choose the certified plywood instead of being scammed by fraud dealers and cheap quality material.

   3. Smooth and intuitive user interface

The task of choosing plywood is complex, but with the help of CenturyPromise, you can quickly check the originality and the quality of the plywood. The best part about the CenturyPromise app is easy to navigate and intuitive user interface, which makes it easier to work.

Thus, install the CenturyPromise app and avail yourself of the best quality original plywood.


Ishita Garg