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The Fastest Way to Tackle Counterfeit Plywood

The issue of counterfeit plywood is a real concern today. With the frauds getting better at scamming people, consumer awareness is a must. There have been numerous cases in which people were sold fake and duplicate plywood under the name of reputed brands.

The problem of counterfeit plywood needs to be addressed as soon as possible. With the plywood market getting more corrupted day by day with the presence of such scammers, we need the fastest way to tackle the issue of duplicate plywood being sold. Before exploring the fast ways by which one can tackle counterfeit plywood, we must understand how to identify one.

Signs you were Sold Fake Plywood

Signs that we dismiss as normal might be implying the presence of fake plywood being used. Hence, it is crucial to be aware of the signs that show up when fake plywood has been used for some construction purpose. Here are a few of them:

  • The material starts to bend.
  • The plywood sheet or material starts getting infested by things such as termites and fungus.
  • Plywood becomes powdered in nature.
  • The sheets start developing cracks in them.

If you ever observe any of the above signs in any material made of plywood within a few years of its manufacturing – you have been sold the fake sheets.

What Needs to be Done?

The best solution to this issue would be to have a way that the consumers can themselves verify the authenticity of the plywood sheets. This is because no matter how many certifications and marks exist – the frauds are learning how to copy them with precision. Hence the mere presence of such accreditations might be useful for ensuring the quality of the plywood, but not its authenticity. This is when we need to ask ourselves – how to check plywood quality?

The power of verification needs to be with the people. The best way to do so is to provide the consumers as well as the retailers with access to the verification of the product directly.

The Solution: CenturyPromise

Access to such a platform is rarely provided to the general public. However, CenturyPly has managed to reach the ultimate level of consumer satisfaction by launching the Century Promise app.

This application helps consumers verify if their CenturyPly product is completely authentic or not. The QR code which is embedded on every plywood sheet of CenturyPly can be scanned by this application. Once the scan is done, the app tells the users the authenticity of the product.

By taking this step, CenturyPly has managed to save its consumer base from any kind of fraud or scam – like the issue of duplicate plywood sheets being sold. The team of experts at CenturyPly is always working on developing technologies for ultimate consumer satisfaction. Hence, the Century Promise app was built with the same purpose.

Features of Century Promise

While the launch of the Century Promise application manages to distinguish CenturyPly from the other plywood manufacturers, there are many more benefits related to it. Other than helping people battle the issue of counterfeit plywood, here are a few of the many features of the Century Promise app:

  • People who choose to purchase plywood from CenturyPly can have access to their e-warranty certificates from the Century Promise app.
  • This application is completely compatible with smartphones and tablets.
  • There is no need to put your money in the subscription for this application – because it is completely free of cost!
  • The Century Promise app is available on both the play store and iOs.


CenturyPly is one of the very few sellers who work on consumer satisfaction levels with such dedication. The concept of providing the consumers with the privilege of accessing the authentication of their plywood sheets is very well deserved and was a much-needed change in the plywood market.

The only people who would be facing the cons of the Century Promise app by Century Ply are the frauds in the plywood manufacturing industries. Hence, now you can go about buying good quality and original plywood without any hesitation!


Ishita Garg