Top 7 Wedding Anniversary Gifts That You Can Present To A Couple

After getting into married life, a wedding anniversary is the right time to celebrate the love, care, affection, etc. one receives from one’s partner. Most of the couples throw a party on their wedding anniversary and invite their near & dear ones.

In your personal or professional life, you have to attend such an occasion. When such an occasion is around the corner, you start looking for wedding anniversary gifts. But, the availability of so many options in the market (physical and virtual) makes you confused about what you should buy and gift to the couple organising a marriage anniversary party. Here are some ideas for you:

1. Dance Lyrics on Canvas

On a marriage anniversary celebration, people usually invite their highly close friends, family members, and relatives. Being invited to such a celebration means you are very close to the couple celebrating the anniversary of their marriage. It means you would have an idea about their love story – when they met first, meeting location, the song on which they danced together, etc. You can recall the things and use the same to gift the couple. As per your memory, you can get the song lyric written on the canvas and present the same to them.

2. A Set of Two Funny & Personalised Coffee Mugs

A fast-friend of the couple usually holds a sound knowledge on what they like about each other. You can utilise such knowledge in selecting the right gift item for the couple. If you make fun of both of them, you can opt for presenting a set of two personalised and funny coffee mugs. Before gifting the item, you can get a funny message printed on each cup. In the message, you can mention what body parts of their partners they like.

3. Mini Projector

You know the couple has a television set for their entertainment. Their television set is enough for their entertainment in their daily life, but the set can’t entertain them when they think of watching something special one such as their wedding video or favourite movies. You can help them by presenting a mini projector to them on the anniversary of their marriage day. 

4. A Custom Travel Plan

In the contemporary world, many newly married couples love visiting their favourite places in the early days of their married life. Opt for presenting a custom travel plan if you know the couple loves travelling. During your interaction with them (wife and husband), you can get a clue on what places across the country of the world they wish to visit. In the custom travel plan, you can include the detailed maps of those places with names. As per your wish, you can mention the possible dates for their tour.

5. Our Q&A A Day

Do you know the couple loves playing quizzes, games, or a session of questions & answers? If yes, opt for presenting Our Q&A A Day to the couple. It is basically a journal of a questionnaire for each day of a year. After each question, this journal has spaces for writing down answers. The couple can use this journal for three years by answering the same questions differently each day.

6. Romantic Couple Painting

Love, affection, care, and soft feelings are the one that keeps the couple close to each other. On the wedding anniversary, you can opt for presenting a romantic couple painting to the couple. To customise the painting, you can name the coupe in the painting with the names of the couple whom you are going to present it to. As per your wish, you can insert the lyrics of a love song or the song cd that both of them love to listen to.

7. Decorative Lights

A married couple likes decorating their home on a special occasion such as a marriage anniversary. If it is with the couple who has invited you to attend their wedding anniversary celebration, think of gifting decorative lights like a set of wall lamps, floor lamps, or hanging lights. This present will help them to decor the space differently on their next special occasion.


Selecting a gift for a couple actually depends on how you connected with them and what the relationship level is. For a close one, you pay more attention while for a common couple you just pick up an item. Whatever your purpose is, you can follow the ideas mentioned in the write-up or visit to choose the one based on your own choice and taste.


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