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Easy to Maintain Kitchen Now Possible with Lucida Laminates

Why do you need to give special attention to your kitchen?

The kitchen is one of those places in the house that constantly needs cleaning. There are dishes to clean and counters to wipe. One day you go without doing the dishes, and you end up with so many dishes that it feels like you have just fed a part of 10. The groceries need to be kept away.

Going grocery shopping is a hassle on its own. You always end up forgetting something or the other. But coming home and putting those shopping bags away is another task. Even the fridge needs regular cleaning. And with the constant use by people, it may be hard to maintain the original condition of the place.

The new kitchen that you had carefully put together. The right kind of counters. The perfect cabinets to go with it. And the floors and ceilings. Everything had been specifically designed and crafted for your kitchen. The look of the kitchen from the first day does not last, does it?

With the new Lucida laminates from Century Laminates, you can say goodbye to your cleaning problems for the kitchen. These laminates are made to withstand the typical accidents that occur in the kitchen.

What are the features you can get in Lucida laminates?

Impact resistance

This quality of Lucida kitchen laminate sheets makes it extremely strong. Weak and brittle laminates can easily break or crack when any amount of pressure is applied to them. This is especially true if the laminate is of a cheaper quality with zero strength. Every time you are interacting with them, you have to be extra gentle so that you are not rough on it.

But with Lucida, you can be a little less strict with yourself as you know that it is there and that it is strong enough to hold itself even if you drop a heavy object on it like a cast-iron skillet. Those are usually pretty heavy. So if you drop them on the laminates by mistake, the laminates will not bend or break instantly.

Heat resistance

Another top quality of the Lucida laminates is their ability to not react to heat. You may think that is not a necessary characteristic to have in your kitchen. You cook on the stove, and that is not laminated. Why do you need to have laminates in your kitchen that can tolerate a high amount of heat?

The heat is not limited to the stove itself. It also spreads to the area around the stove. For example, the walls of the cabinets near the stove are experiencing the most heat. This is because every time that you are cooking, it is getting exposed to the hot vapors of the food in the pot.

Also, you are sometimes placing bowls of hot food directly onto the counter. If you have laminated counters, placing the source of heat directly on it can deform the laminate completely. Thus, Lucida laminates are made to withstand heat. It can tolerate a temperature as high as 180 degrees. Therefore, it is ideal for application in the kitchen.

Scuff resistance

Transporting of materials is the largest contributor to any damages that may happen to the objects. The constant movement during travel can cause ruptures or leave marks on the materials. In addition, if you are transporting a lot of materials at the same time, the limited space will result in the items brushing against each other.

Even if it is not the case, transporting can be risky. It is never possible to predict any misfortune and thus prevent your materials from getting damaged. Therefore, Lucida laminate sheets are made to be scuff resistant. As a result, your laminates have less chance of getting damaged during installation as well.

The Bottom Line

Using Lucida laminate for kitchen cabinets will be one of the best decisions that you will ever make. It will make the task of maintaining your kitchen much easier.


Ishita Garg