Wedding lehenga

11 Things To Check At Your Lehenga Fitting

Wedding lehenga is the most special outfit for every girl. She wants it perfect from top to bottom. You need to verify the final fitting at least a week before so that you don’t need to do anything at the last moment. The final bridal fitting gives you the desired relief for the wedding day.

As the trend has changed, pastels and muted colors are what you need nowadays. Light pink, peach, mint green, grey and aqua blue are some of the most trending color choices nowadays. Along with it right jewelry, accessories and the right makeup are also necessary things to look for. So let’s see what to do.

Things to Check

There are a number of things which you need to check while you are wearing your lehenga. Starting from the fabric, embroidery, color and ending on the fitting and length everything must be perfect.

Here are some of the important things that you need to look for when you get the lehenga. Either you get it stitched or opt for a readymade one, the things remain the same to check.

1. The Zips and Stitches

As soon as you get the lehenga, the very first thing you need to check is the zip and stitches. Your blouse may have a side zip and your skirt also has a zip which should be proper and smooth to work. Even the stitches of lehenga and blouse must be right and not left from anywhere. Check the embroideries closely and verify the missings if any.

2. Fitting of the Blouse

The first striking piece of the attire is the blouse. The sleeves, the neckline and the length of the blouse must be to the point. The shoulders should not fall off and the sleeves shouldn’t be loose at all. You must get the right curves once you zip it off or hook it up. The blouse should not be too lengthy nor should it be too short. It just needs to be in the right span.

3. Length of the Skirt

Never ever compromise with the length of the skirt. It should not be ankle-length, it should be floor-length. The lehenga should start above the navel and should be flowy and lengthy. It should be straight when you wear heels. Choose heavy borders to help it remain at the right place. Pretty tassels at the tie-up of the lehenga gives it a more dignified appeal.

4. Dupatta Draping Style

Once you are done with the blouse and skirt, the next thing to check is the dupatta. Drape it in the style which you want and see to it whether it suits well or not. Double dupatta is the most trending pattern nowadays. One dupatta is draped in the saree style and another is pinned on the head which gives an amazing bridal appeal to the wearer.

If you want to add more stylish look then add custom designer dupatta with lehenga or you simple buy designer lehenga and add dupatta to it and you can also go for wholesale lehenga choli if you want it at cheap price and you can get it online as there are tons of seller.

5. Check it Staying up Without the Dori

The dori of your blouse is not only for a stylish look but the main purpose is to give a secure fitting while wearing. Hooks help the blouse stay at the place but the dori gives a secure and eligible fitting. Not only blouses, but also the lehenga is equipped with a dori which gives it the right and tight fit so that the skirt doesn’t slip because of the heavy weight.

6. Try along the Bridal Footwear

While checking the lehenga fitting you must also match the footwear along it. Check the heel which you are going to wear on the wedding day. This will help you to know the right length of your attire. Do check that it does not come under your heel when you walk towards the stage. Get a ramp walk and see to it that the things go right when you are walking.

7. Wear the Jewelry and Accessories

Not only footwear but you should also wear the jewelry and other accessories which you are going to pair with it so that you can change it or match any other if needed. It may happen that you customise the lehenga and then the jewelry doesn’t match with it. So rather than doing it at the last moment try to fix everything before the wedding day.

8. Check Movements in the Lehenga

After wearing the lehenga dance, jump and run so that you can come to know how comfortable you are in the attire. The movements will let you know how much stretch, jump and dance you are able to do. If you are not feeling much comfortable while sitting and walking then you can get the skirt a bit customised for more relevant and an immense comfort.

9. Wear the Hairstyle and Makeover

Try some makeover and hairstyle so that you can finalise the one which suits the most. If you have long hair then you can opt for some braided hairstyles or a bun. Don’t match bright makeup with dark colored clothes. Just keep it neutral with a matching eyeshadow, blush and muted lip color to get a perfect bridal look.

10. Check: Is it Digging on the Tummy?

Being a bride everyone pampers you and feeds you a lot of sweets, chocolates, dry fruits and other things due to which your tummy becomes bloated and the skirt feels tight. So a better option is to get the elastic on the waist and go for a loosely fitted tie-up so that you feel comfortable on the day when you are going to wear it for a longer time.

11. Get the Customisations if Any

Once everything is done, you can look for the customisation and get it done rightly. If you are getting the lehenga stitched then there are very few chances of customization as it is already made according to your measurement. When you choose a readymade attire then you need some alterations with regards to length and fitting of the outfit.


So listed above are some of the things which you need to keep in mind while you are checking the fitting of your lehenga. When you find everything perfect then don’t wait and click some pictures from different angles to know how you exactly look in your pretty and gorgeous bridal lehenga.