Top 4 Wide Spread Apps Around the World

The usage of Apps is high in demand, due to which a great number of people are creating Apps. The play store is loaded with an enormous range of applications that is unique to each other with their distinctive features. There are several categories of apps in the play store about lifestyle, fitness, social media, gaming, songs, movies, traveling, and many more. The apps in these categories are made to provide several distinct benefits to you.

In order to create an app, you will need to first decide in which category you want to create it. By doing so, you must take additional care about the most liked features all the previously made apps have which you should adopt in your app as well. So, here are some of the most widely used applications which are going to be discussed below.

  • Facebook 
  • Discord 
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook 

Facebook is a social media app that has several reasons to be installed on phones. It is such an interesting and beneficial app at the same time. It enables its user to share any sort of content. Facebook memes are becoming so common nowadays which is a useful source of enhancing your mood and makes you feel fresh. 

It provides the facility of calling, messaging, video calling, sharing your achievement with your friends and family, and many more things which have made it more encouraged to use.

You can add or create a group by which you can get interacted with a good number of people. Creating an app like Facebook could be a good idea due to a large audience’s appreciation for this app. 

  • Discord 

Discord is a hub for all game lovers. This app provides a platform for gamers to communicate with each other. It enables an option of creating a community, where you can gather people with a particular or same game interest. 

You might have seen that some games such as Pub-g give access to talk in-between games with other teammates. Sometimes the voice quality in-between the game gets down, so you can connect with the discord app to talk in-between games with your team fellows.

This game is specially made for gamers and learning how to create and Make app like discord would be a good idea to create more of these types of apps.

  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp is made with the aim to let people communicate with each other without being interrupted. This App especially strengthens the features of communication. It mainly delivers the facility of calling, video calling, and chatting which is free of cost for every user.

It is easily accessible and understandable by everyone. It enables its users to send and receive pictures, videos, contacts, and documents as well as the most trustable security policy. 

The things you will send to a person will get sent to that particular person only and not to any other. However, it’s another topic of discussion if that particular person sends it to any other person but the content of your will never get out by the WhatsApp community. An app like WhatsApp was a good idea to create, you can think about this idea too.

  • Instagram

Instagram is also a social media application where you will mostly see glamour and charm everywhere. A good number of celebrities have made their accounts there. If you love watching movies, dramas, traveling, or hanging out then Instagram is the best app for you.

Several celebrities promote their upcoming movies and dramas on apps like Instagram. This App keeps you engrossed in the glamorous life which will help you stay away from overthinking about the things happening in your life. By using this app, you can post your pictures and videos. 

You can control your audience too by accepting the request of followers to whom you want to show your pictures and videos. Like Facebook and WhatsApp, it also provides the features of calling, video calling, and chatting which makes it more appealing. However, if you are thinking of creating an app like Instagram, then you should go for it.


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