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Verify Original Plywood in Just A Few Simple Steps

Are you looking for high-quality plywood to finish your interior design? Is there any ambiguity on how to select the best ply? Plywood manufacturing enterprises abound in India.

How to check plywood quality, Just follow the procedures below:

Examine the ISI accreditation.

ISI grade differs depending on whether it is MR Grade or marine grade. Waterproof plywoods receive a separate rating. Under the ISI mark on plywood, there is a unique number that can be used to quickly identify the maker. For industrial MR class plywood sheets, look for the IS:303 designation, which means for humidity resilient.

ISI is IS:303 in the case of external grade plywood sheets. These would have been labelled as BWR (boiling water resistant). This type is inexpensive and meets the majority of household requirements. The IS:710 mark is used for marine plywood.

Look for such words as “100% hardwood plywood” written on top. This wood is derived from deciduous trees and is more durable than softwood. In India, high-quality plywood is manufactured using high ‘Gurjan wood,’ a type of hardwood. The term “100%” refers to the fact that all layers make up on the surface and base of hardwood plywood.

What is the best way to inspect plywood from the outside?

  • Look for a wooden face overlay on the plywood. In contrast to remanufactured face veneers, a composite adheres to wood face veneer more readily.
  • Examine the ply’s top to see if it is flat. There must be no highs and lows.
  • Inspect all corners of the wood for any differences in width.
  • One can examine the strength of a ply by raising this from either side. Thickness has always been high with  heavyweight plywood.
  • Inspect the sides and ensure the fundamental components are evident as parallel lines with no large gaps or overlying material.
  • If you tap in the middle of a wood sheet, you’ll be able to tell if it’s empty or not.

The Most authentic way to check the originality of plywood

The market these days is drowning with counterfeit brands of plywood. You may think you are buying original plywood of a reputed brand and later on it turns out to be a fake one.

Keeping all these in mind, to ensure that you get your hands on original and quality plywood, brands like CenturyPly have introduced technology to determine the originality of the wood.

CenturyPromise App: Simple way spot counterfeit plywood

As discussed above, to prevent customers from getting duped by counterfeit plywood, CenturyPly has introduced an app called CenturyPromise app. This app can tell you whether the plywood is of original CenturyPly or not.

How does the CenturyPromise app work?

All original CenturyPly products come with a QR code. With the help of the CenturyPromise app, you can now scan the QR codes mentioned on top of the original CenturyPly products. Once you scan it, the app will reveal the manufacturing details of the plywood, like the manufacturing date, which factory produced that plywood sheet and many other details.

Now with the use of the CenturyPromise app you can now spot if the plywood sheet you are buying is of original CenturyPly or not. If the plywood sheet does not have a QR code or if the app fails to recognise the QR code then for sure you should get your plywood checked.

The Bottom Line

Luxury products aren’t necessarily of high quality. Rather than fretting about premium brands and whether plywood brand is the greatest, take control of the situation and ensure you consistently receive where you pay for. Find out more about plywood and the various varieties of wood that are utilised in interior design.

Also, if you’re seeking to acquire some high-quality, original plywood, we have it. When buying plywood sheets, always use the CenturyPromise app to spot if the plywood is of original CenturyPly or not.


Ishita Garg