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Custom Boxes for Marijuana Oil is What You Need in 2021: Know how!

Marijuana oil is a concentrated extract of cannabis plant that can be smoked or vaped. It’s also called cannabis oil. The use of marijuana oil is also referred to ‘dabbing’, or ‘vaping’. Marijuana oil comes from cannabis plants and contains THC – which is psychoactive in nature.

Being psychoactive means it can alter the mind, and the same active ingredient is present in other marijuana products. But in marijuana oil there is much higher potency of THC up to a 90%. Whereas, in other cannabis products, THC level is up to 12% approximately.

Importance & Benefits of Labelling Marijuana Oil Packaging Boxes

Certain rules for labelling marijuana oils need to be followed by cannabis brands. The law has rulings on everything. We’ll discuss the most marijuana oil information printing aspects here. So, for labelling marijuana oils, know that:

  • Labelling must include contents, such as the level or concentration of THC and CBD.
  • The packaging boxes must not seem appealing to children. For example, you cannot use images of cartoons. Also, words like ‘candy flavor’ are prohibited. It’s because such words attract children.
  • The seven-edged leaf symbol with an exclamation mark inside a triangular boundary is mandatory. This symbol is used to show the product is cannabis.
  • Mention age restriction by saying: For use only by adults aged 21 and older. In some states, the legal age is 18 and older. You can set that accordingly.
  • Other important symbols relevant to marijuana oil packaging are:
    • Legal cannabis sign
    • Non-GMO and Naturally Grown sign
    • Lab Tested and Approved sign
    • 100% Pure sign
  • Place of address of the manufacturer. It means the name, email address, mailing address, city, state and zip code.
  • Mention net weight and flavor (if any)
  • Mention if the oil containing cart is disposable.
  • Instructions on the application of marijuana oil
  • Mention if the marijuana oil is broad spectrum or full spectrum

Regulatory compliance should always be your cannabis brand’s top priority for thriving in the cannabis market. All the things mentioned above are marijuana oil and relevant to package labelling for marijuana oils. No cannabis brand can take its marijuana oils to the market unless it meets state rules on information printing.

And to effectively achieve this goal, you need custom marijuana boxes – designed and printed as per product requirement. These boxes make your labelling to beautifully rhyme with your cannabis oil brand’s theme.

We shall now investigate practical tips on how marijuana oil boxes help your cannabis ecommerce brand boost sales:

Custom Printed Marijuana Oil Mailer Boxes from Inside Out Exalt Cannabis Brand’s Appeal

Marijuana oil packaging printed from the inside gives you an edge to slice up the competition.

By printing catchy patterns on the inside of custom boxes for marijuana oil, you instantly create a unique and high-end look. This indirectly gets customers to perceive your marijuana oil business as a ‘brand’ with high standards. Do this by including either your brand’s logo or a crafty pattern that transitions from the packaging’s outside.

By doing this, you create a memorable impression on customers’ minds – making then want to buy again, and again. Due to the unique unboxing experience. You can also print clicking quotes about your marijuana oils. Also, print product relevant information in eye-catching typography. Also, if you’re using sustainable packaging, then a sentence or two telling how you care for the environment will profoundly impact.

Custom Marijuana Oil Boxes are Important for Convenience

These boxes should be vertically upright so marijuana oil oils can easily be stacked on display or efficiently stored. Also, these boxes should be handy enough, should easily fit in pockets, and be convenient to extract. For this, the packaging’s shape and style matters. Have your custom Marijuana oil oils boxes made in long rectangular shape with pointy edges.

Also, go for a tuck-top auto-lock bottom style or straight tuck-end style. This provides maximum convenience of packing, storage and access to your staff and customers. Customers do notice convenience. This way, more customers will deliberately prefer your marijuana oil oils packaging over other not very functional ones.

High-Quality Images & Graphic Printing that build Attraction

High-quality image printing techniques are now accessible at very affordable rates. Cannabis oil businesses, especially marijuana oil sellers also leverage benefits of high-quality imagery to boost brand credibility and value. Many brands feature a single, high-definition image showing off different flavors of their marijuana oils on mailer packaging’s front. This should ideally be done over a clean minimalist backdrop in softer tints to make a perfect focal point.

This practice positively excites customers with a clear image of the type of marijuana oil they’ll find inside upon delivery. This is great for aesthetically uplifting the appeal of your marijuana oils. It uplifts your oils in an ocean of similar product boxes that give no clue of what’s inside.

Marijuana oil Boxes Preserve Different Marijuana oils Protectively

Marijuana oils are packed in dropper bottles as a primary packaging. These dropper bottles are mostly made of glass, and are vulnerable to breaking, splintering or cracks – resulting in leakage. Marijuana oil bottles are fragile – and need a durable packaging that can keep them from damages.

The mentioned damages can be due to pressure of stacking one box on another, vibrations during vehicle movement or jolts. Others can be mishandling or falling from the display shelf. You should therefore use packaging materials that can protect hash oil bottles well. So, ideally, choose custom Marijuana oils boxes made with either cardboard, or natural brown kraft paper.

These two materials are known for being very light weight and high in strength. The material for Marijuana oil’s packaging is a crucial element you cannot ignore. So, say, if customers make a purchase, go home, and then find out that your Marijuana oil was already leaking. This will immediately turn them off.

In the same way, if Marijuana oil packaging is seen with leakage stains on display shelf – customers will simply ignore and move on. They’ll never want to buy from you in future because of a low-quality product perception. Either you ship or deliver to stores, your Marijuana oils will stay unharmed with protective custom Marijuana oil boxes.


Most marijuana oil businesses ignore the simple fact that their oil’s custom packaging is crucial for creating unforgettable customer experiences. If making innovative tweaks to your custom ecommerce oil packaging adds that awe inspiring effect – then go for it.


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