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An Overview Of High Five Lists, Its Categories & Services

Business marketing is no longer an art. It has become a science thanks to modern research and analytical tools. These days, you can predict the outcome of a well-oiled marketing strategy with little to no uncertainty. But, how digital marketing is done is another story. There are many platforms that businesses use to get their message out there to potential clients.

Google Search is the biggest player of the game, or you can say it is the game itself. With a strong digital footprint and the world’s most popular search engine, you can achieve more even with less. SEO is search engine optimization of web pages and content that helps the best ones to secure higher places in search engine results.

Local business directories are great examples of harnessing the power of SEO for the advantage of a business. All directories are not created equal and some are just better than the competition. High Five Lists is an example in this regard. It is a highly popular platform for both sellers and buyers to find goods and services in the best way.

What Is High Five Lists

High Five Lists is a local business directory that helps businesses to market their brand easily in the area. By highlighting the services with respect to proximity, it becomes easier for people who are looking for reliable sellers to get discovered by prospects.

There is a strong and intuitive algorithm on the back end of High Five Lists that allows it to not only list the businesses but also highlight them throughout the web. SEO is a strong suit for directories and High Lists embraces this role better than any other listings website on the web.

Since it is local, the businesses and companies with a physical presence in the vicinity get more from the platform. This is by no means saying that web-based businesses are getting the raw end of the deal.


The whole point of businesses and companies to sign up on the platform is to get discovered by those who are looking for the businesses they provide. But, we have seen in many cases that the site structure of a listings website or a local directory is counter-productive. High Five Lists aces it all when it comes to categorizing and displaying the wide fields in the best way.

Here are some major categories of businesses listed on High Five Lists:

  • Home Improvement
  • Accounting & Tax
  • Lodging & Travel
  • Wedding & Events
  • Transportation
  • Real Estate
  • Internet & IT Services

Home Improvement

This is a broad category and the most popular one. It includes blinds & shades, junk removal, handymen, and beyond. Flooring, plumbers, tiling, and many more related services are listed under this banner.

Accounting & Tax

If you are looking for companies that deal with finances and financial reporting, this category serves clients like you. It has payroll services, tax firms, accountants, etc.

Lodging & Travel

Want to go to new and exotic places, meet new people, and try authentic cuisine? The lodging travel category has it all. You can find the sweetest hotel deals as well as tourism agents to plan a perfect getaway.

Wedding & Event

In this major category, you can find companies that can arrange events, film production, photography sessions, and so on. 


As the name indicates, it is about getting a ride. However, the needs of a client and the services of a business cannot be that straightforward. So, the sub-categories include car rentals, airport shuttles, packers and storage, and many more.

Real Estate

From finding tenants to rent your place and finding a new place that is up for rent, this category is to secure real estate agents to find the best real estate for you in your desired location.

Internet & IT Services

This is another broad category that houses companies that provide diverse services to their clients. The main highlights of this section are software design and development, computer repair, IT support services, and so on.


Now that we have got the categories out of the way, it is time to explore the services High Five Lists offer to both Businesses and prospects.

  • Claim Your Business
  • Feedback
  • Digital Marketing Suite

Claim Your Business

Like many competitive business directories, there are high chances that you will find almost every registered local business in the High Five Lists database. If not, you can sign up for free and create your listing.

After that, a tab will appear on your profile that says “claim your business”. This is a crucial decision. Once you click on this tab, the management will get your request. After conducting a background check that you are the legitimate owner of the said listings, you will get control of the profile.

This gives you complete control over your profile. You can add content, information, etc., that can help your clients to get to know your business better.


The two-way system of the platform allows both sellers and buyers to connect with each other. 

In the feedback section, former clients and prospects can interact with each other and rate services. Sellers can reply to the feedback and highlight glowing reviews for prospects to see.

Feedback is very important in today’s virtual world, in both web and social media spheres. By using this, High Five Lists makes for an amazing local business directory.

Digital Marketing Suite

Basic listings services on High Five Lists are free, but it is also limited. If you want to unleash the full potential of digital marketing to secure new business each day, they have a complete package. It includes SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Landing Pages, etc. The local businesses that can spare some money in this regard will be way ahead of the curve.

High Five List is a sure-fire way for businesses to grow in the virtual world. Its responsive team, solid reputation in the digital world makes it an ideal platform for businesses to market their goods or services.


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