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Why You Need an English Tutor in Dubai

Do you know what lingua franca means?

World Language. And you can easily guess which language is known as lingua franca across the globe. It is, of course, English.

Such is the importance and vastness of the English language that it has become a necessity to learn and understand the language to survive in this day and age. Wherever you travel to, if you are armoured with basic English speaking and comprehension skills, you will have the confidence to face anything!

The catch is, even though it is the most commonly used tongue around the world, in most countries English is not the native language nor is it widely spoken. The lack of mastery over English has been a cause of concern for many people for it has cost them opportunities, jobs, experiences, and decisions aplenty. Such a scenario emphasizes the relevance in learning at the very least, the basics of English in today’s world.

The best way to learn English is from an expert in the language. And what better expert than an English tutor! You can find many well-qualified and experienced teachers providing online English tutors in Dubai who can help you brush up your English skills in no time!

Here are 5 reasons why you need an English tutor:

To get a grasp over the language

The basic motive and reason behind hiring an English tutor are undoubted to improve your understanding of the language. Being well versed in English is a skill and gift that you have to hone with training and practice.

There are many options available if you wish to learn English – enrolling in a class, YouTube tutorials, self-learning books or even engaging a private tutor. Of all the above options, availing of the services of an educated and qualified tutor can help you immeasurably when it comes to learning the nuances of the English language.

A YouTube tutorial or a book may not be able to provide you with a multidimensional approach to learning the way learning from a tutor can. You have the opportunity to receive feedback and apply it to improve your English language skills with the help of an English tutor.

Advancements in career and life

Missing an opportunity due to a lack of proper English speaking or writing skills is akin to heartbreak. There are many people who hold back from applying for jobs in other countries or seeking education from overseas universities solely because they do not possess the requisite English skills.

Not just in matters related to academics or career, many people also fear even travelling to other countries because of the language barrier. An English tutor would be a godsend to such people, who can learn and understand the language which would ultimately help them advance in their respective careers and lives.

Refine communication skills

Your English communication skills would be the biggest ammunition in your armoury in taking great strides in life. Therefore, it is not enough that you only learn and understand the language; that would be a two-dimensional way of approaching English. It is equally important to fine-tune your communication skills as well in order to have a well-rounded learning experience.

Such a well-rounded experience can be honed to perfection only with the help of an English tutor. A tutor can help you in perfecting your verbal skills, non-verbal skills, observational skills, and listening skills in a way no other method can.

Tailor-made classes

Having a tutor trumps over-scheduled classes in more ways than one.

  • You get to set the time and duration of the class at per your and the tutor’s convenience
  • You can go at your own pace
  • Classes can be attuned to focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Clearing doubts is easier and more effective
  • You can attend from anywhere in the world thanks to the resources of technology
  • Ultimately results in savings in time, effort, and money

Learn effective research techniques

Developing a quality research technique is something that many fail to imbibe in life. One of the perks of learning English from a tutor is that you get to learn effective research skills and techniques from an experienced faculty. An English tutor can guide you towards accurate research techniques and authentic sources, which you may not be able to on your own. They can also vet your sources and guide you through the process in a better way.

If you are someone who is keen to learn English but not sure where to start, use this article as a guide in choosing to opt for a tutor. The benefits outlined in this guide are not an exhaustive list, but it is hard to overlook these 5 reasons why you definitely need an English tutor.


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