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What is the Role of an SEO Services Company?

EO Services Company Responsibilities

An expert SEO company has a few significant jobs and duties to help their customer’s website. This article will examine jobs, duties and kinds of SEO services given by a SEO organization. 

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Your obligation as the individual accountable for recruiting a SEO company is to have a comprehension of search optimization so you can talk insightfully with an imminent search optimization company. 

Google’s article Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide is an extraordinary spot to begin.

Questions this article addresses:

  • What does a SEO company do?
  • What are the duties of a SEO organization?
  • How can I say whether my SEO company is working really hard?

SEO Services Company Roles and Responsibilities

1. Understanding Client Goals and Objectives

  • Posing the correct inquiries
  • Page Sections to be connected to from above Table of Contents

2. Website Audit: Identify State of Current Website

  • Route and URL Structure
  • Sitemaps
  • Content
  • Design/User Experience
  • Website Speed and Other Technical Factors

3. Watchword Research: Identify Terms for which a Website Should be Ranking

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Current Keyword Rankings Report

4. Backlinks: Analyze Current Backlink Profile

  • Low quality Backlinks
  • Construct Good Quality Backlinks

5. Contender Analysis: Identify Client’s Website Ranking Potential versus Competitor Websites

  • Size of Website
  • Backlink Comparison

6. Website optimization Reporting: Monthly Review of Analytics and Company Goals

  • Google Analytics and Metrics Analysis
  • Page Sections to be connected to from above Table of Contents

Jobs and Duties of SEO Services Companies

1. Understanding Client Goals and Objectives

  • Preceding beginning any optimization work, the SEO organization needs to comprehend what it is the customer wishes to accomplish.
  • The methodology a SEO counseling company may take to accomplish a customer’s objectives must be made once a reasonable comprehension of goals is accomplished. It is from this arrangement that a SEO master can plan and execute a compelling SEO plan that will address the customer’s issues.
  • On the off chance that you don’t have a clue what you desire to accomplish from search engine optimization, at that point kindly pause for a minute to comprehend shared objectives for SEO.
  • Rand Fishkin’s article The 6 Goals of SEO: Choosing the Right Ones for Your Business will help.

2. Website Audit: Identify State of Current Website

Route and URL Structure

The website route (menu) is basic to the possible accomplishment of a website. Both website search engine rankings and conversion rate are directly affected by the menu things. On the off chance that such a large number of choices are accessible, a guest may get befuddled by the menu’s intricacy and essentially leave for a simpler to utilize website. This identifies with the client experience (UX).

A straightforward, natural menu structure energizes more noteworthy use and commitment by the guest. Google knows about measurements like ‘time nearby’ and ‘click-through rate (CTR)’. Any remaining things being equivalent, a website that has additional time spent nearby by a guest or a more prominent number of clicks to different pages on a website, will rank better and likely get more traffic than a website with lower time nearby and CTR. 


It is critical to recognize whether a customer’s website is utilizing sitemaps in light of the fact that they help search engines creep (visit pages of) a website, which assists with having more pages filed (remembered for the search engine). Most significant are XML (eXtensible Markup Language) sitemaps. An extra alternative is a HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) sitemap. In the event that a website doesn’t have a sitemap (ideally the XML sitemap), the website isn’t as expected enhanced for search engines.


An expert SEO company should survey the amount and nature of a website’s current substance. What text/duplicate is being utilized on the different website pages? How are the website’s pages associated/identified with each other? A significant part of the accomplishment of search engine optimization relies on the quality and measure of text on a page and the number of pages (size) of a website.

Another piece of a SEO company’s obligation is to comprehend the serious scene wherein a customer is contending. Commonly, bigger websites (those with more pages) will rank better compared to more modest websites. Furthermore, bigger pages with more substance on the page will out-position more slender pages with minimal substance. Content administration is basic to the online achievement of a website.

Design/User Experience

The client experience of a website is basic to its prosperity. On the off chance that a guest lands on a website and doesn’t care for the manner in which it looks, they will leave for another website. In the event that a website is hard to utilize, a guest won’t invest energy attempting to sort it out.

As recently referenced, time nearby and click-through rate are significant variables to Google and toward positioning admirably. The client experience, accordingly, is basic for rankings. Also, an alluring website design with appealing pictures and utilization of shading will support more conversions (making an ideal move like rounding out a structure or making a buy).

Website Speed and Other Technical Factors

Higher rankings and more traffic are the essential reasons why a customer recruit’s a SEO master, subsequently, the master better know what to look like at the specialized components of a website that are imperative to positioning great. Among these achievement factors are components like the heap season of a web page (website speed) and whether a website is mobile amicable (responsive). There are a few specialized perspectives identified with a website’s code, format and modules/augmentations that should be examined and perceived to upgrade a website for better rankings.

For more data, kindly see ahref’s article How to Do a Basic Website Audit to Improve SEO and UX (in 10 Steps)

3. Watchword Research: Identify Terms for which a Website Should be Ranking

On-Page SEO

To accomplish prevalent rankings, a SEO advertising office should know what catchphrases to zero in on to appropriately improve the substance of a web page. Catchphrase research recognizes terms that have high search volume and a probability of the guest making an ideal move (conversion) like finishing a structure, settling on a decision or putting in a request.

There are a few on-page optimization openings. An accomplished SEO expert will know all on-page components to enhance to improve rankings. Watchword stuffing (posting a similar word or expression again and again to the point that the clarity of a page is poor) isn’t legitimate on-page optimization.

Off-Page SEO

Notwithstanding on-page optimization openings, a successful SEO company will know what off-page optimization factors emphatically impact rankings. The main piece of off-page SEO is building joins, alluded to as backlinks, to a customer’s website. Backlinks are considered by numerous SEO experts to be the main part of search engine optimization and basic to accomplishing higher rankings. Since backlinks are so significant, it is regularly a region that is mishandled or done mistakenly.

Obtaining backlinks ought to be the characteristic aftereffect of composing charming, quality substance that is important to perusers. At the point when a website contains valuable data, other websites will be bound to reference the data by giving a connection to the page from which it started. Wikipedia, for instance, gets quite a bit of its data from different websites and gives a connection (reference) to the wellspring of the data. At the point when these backlinks contain the ideal watchwords in the anchor text (the backlink’s clickable words, regularly underlined), this improves rankings.

Another essential zone of off-page SEO is online media. While high natural rankings can produce critical traffic to a website, so too can web-based media destinations like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Current Keyword Rankings Report

An expert SEO counseling company ought to dissect a website’s present rankings to help build up a system of the catchphrases on which to center. The probability of improving rankings and traffic are more noteworthy with catchphrases/terms that are as of now positioning, accordingly, this is a generally excellent beginning stage from which to start website optimization.

4. Backlinks: Analyze Current Backlink Profile

Low quality Backlinks

Backlinks are considered by SEO experts to be the main component that help rankings. A SEO company ought to dissect the backlinks (backlink profile) to a customer’s website. Low quality backlinks can hurt a website’s rankings by impinging upon the believability and authority of a website.

At the point when a backlink comes from a random website, it might send a blended message to Google. In the event that, for instance, a customer’s website is about an automobile fix, it ought to have backlinks from other auto related websites. Connections from unrelated websites may weaken the search engine’s comprehension of what is the issue here and, accordingly, may hurt rankings for automobile related watchwords. 

An expert SEO office will help eliminate low-quality backlinks. 

Construct Good Quality Backlinks

As evaded to above, great quality connections to a website should come from other topically related locales. As well as being identified with a customer’s webpage, the backlinks should come from sound websites with high page and area authority. Connections, for instance, from the Huffington post are excellent on the grounds that this website is exceptionally regarded. Connections from excellent websites ponder well the website to which they are connecting.

To study backlinks and the worth various connections give, see Cyrus Shepard’s article How Google Evaluates Links for SEO.

5. Contender Analysis: Identify Client’s Website Ranking Potential versus Competitor Websites

Size of Website

The number of pages a customer’s website has contrasted with its rivals decides the degree of rivalry wherein it can succeed. Regularly, the more pages a website has, the more prominent the probability it can out-position a more modest website.

At the point when a SEO organization sees how a customer’s website size looks at to its rivals, a more viable SEO system can be created. It would be an exercise in futility and cash for a SEO company to follow watchwords for which its customer’s website basically can’t contend.

There is little probability that a website with 100 pages can rank just as a contender with 500 pages. 

Backlink Comparison

Backlinks, which are joins from different websites to your website, are the most basic component of positioning admirably in search engines. Why?

Indeed, the reason for Google’s search calculation depends on the estimation of “verbal.” Much like the idea of a positive reference from a companion or relative, joins from different websites is esteemed by Google along these lines.

The more backlinks, the more sure references a website is getting and, in Google’s eyes, the more important the website should be to clients and, accordingly, the better the website will rank in search results.

Since backlinks are the main SEO component, it is a region that is frequently manhandled by SEO specialists. Search engine optimization experts who practice website optimization for customers ought not practice backlink control.

Google sees controlling backlinks as outside of their rules and, thusly, is viewed as dark cap SEO, which are SEO strategies that are outside of Google’s Guidelines.

6. Website optimization Reporting: Monthly Review of Analytics and Company Goals

Google Analytics

At the point when a website installs Google’s Analytics code on their website, Google can gauge the website’s measurements. The scientific data given by Google is important to website proprietor’s and SEO specialists in light of the fact that the data gives experiences into how a website is being utilized by guests.

By seeing how guests interface (or don’t connect) with a website, changes can be made to improve the webpage. 

On the off chance that one web page, for instance, is being seen the most on a website and for the longest measure of time, these two measurements give understanding into what substance is being perused the most by guests.

Then again, a web page that isn’t being seen can be upgraded with extra educational substance to improve guest connection. 

Website Metrics Analysis

An expert SEO company will utilize website measurements to improve the general conversion pace of a customer’s website. While better rankings and more traffic to a website is the principal obligation of a SEO office, a SEO master should go past this first fundamental duty.

Giving proficient SEO services goes past rankings and traffic to improving the general use of the website by guests. Website optimization additionally incorporates improving estimates like in general time spent on a website, expanding the number of pages visited and different measurements that improve a guest’s degree of association with the website.

The objective, all things considered, is a more noteworthy conversion rate, that is, more conversion of guests (for example Online sales or structure culminations).


An SEO Services Company has numerous jobs and obligations to its customers. The essential objective of search engine optimization is to help websites rank better, accomplish more online traffic and convert more guests to customers.

To accomplish a customer’s objectives, an expert SEO counseling company should initially comprehend what it is the customer desires to accomplish. A website review is the common beginning stage for starting website optimization.

By revising specialized errors recognized in the site review, different parts of SEO can have a more prominent effect. Watchword research, backlink profile audit and contender examination are three significant components of building up a successful optimization system.

At long last, month to month investigation surveys distinguish what part of SEO are functioning just as keeps the customer side by side of execution.


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