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Can I Pull Off the Magnetic Nose Stud Look?

Are you one of the accessible humans wondering if you have the ability to achieve the look of a magnetic nose stud?

I have witnessed many people go through the confusion where they want the earring or nose ring, suffer the pain and money to finish it, and then, within several weeks, determine that it is simply not for them anymore.

Sure, the gap for a primary stud is small and it will close again, however why go through all of that until you are absolutely sure that it is something that you will need to hold for a long time.

The high-quality problem it can do to your nostril and your pain tolerance is simply going along with the magnetic nostril bolt, at least for now.

The stud is the right choice due to the fact that it will be able to play with the appearance. Wear it all the time. See how it really fits into your life. You can also alternate between smaller and larger sizes until you find the one that works best for you.

Can I Pull Off the Magnetic Nose Stud Look

When you get the piercing, you get caught with something you first chose for several weeks before you can move ahead and change it.

Another of the best aspects of going in this direction is that you should not spend a lot of money ahead of time. While you’re figuring out if this style is exactly what you need or not, you just have to spend maybe $ 5 on one.

If you need to play with multiple options, you will spend more, but nevertheless, you are saving a lot by using magnetic tacks to determine whether or not the “look” is for you.

Try it before you buy: the magnetic nose pin

Many human beings just jump right into many factors that they would normally no longer be able to do if they had definitely sat down and raised some issues.

The best thing to do is to choose some specific magnetic plugs for the nostrils. This way, you will be able to try them out before you commit to the pain, the money, and the hole in your nose. And don’t worry, no one may be able to tell you that you have a magnetic nose ring until they tell you what it is.

Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of them, and the simplest is to assume they were real. It wasn’t until a person gave me an idea of ​​the reality that they were nothing more than the magnetic nostril plugs that I knew the distinction. They definitely look like the real deal.

If you are afraid of getting an infection or worried about what your mother, father or partner might say, opting for the magnetic nose stud is a great option. This way, you could determine if the appearance is actually you before you pierce your nostril and risk contamination.

As for the humans in your lifestyle who may dislike the nose plug, you may be able to expose them that it is practically magnetic. They will relax, knowing that it is no longer “real” and will eventually get used to it.


Wear it all the time and you might be very surprised to see it without it because it can seem so specific. After a while, he will be able to get straight into the stud from the actual pierced nostril without any hassle from all of us.


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