These Signs In Astrology Indicate That Black Magic Has Been Used

These Signs In Astrology Indicate That Black Magic Has Been Used

Black magic is adopted by those people who are jealous of the success of others. Negativity, jealousy, greed, disappointment, and frustration become so prevalent in such people. They are unable to accept the success, progress, and prosperity of others.  Black magic is used to cause harm or injury to another person by performing certain actions.

In religious scriptures, black magic is also known as Abhichar, that is, such a tantra-mantra by which negative powers. The main objective of black magic is to drive away a person from that place, to harass them.

Some common symptoms of a person suffering from black magic. Negative tantra mantras can cause mental blockage, heaviness in breathing and fast walking, and tension in the throat. Blue marks can form on the thighs without any injury. Discord or fight at home without any particular reason. Unnatural death of a family member, sudden loss of business, etc.

It also has some other symptoms like a feeling of heaviness in the heart and lack of sleep. Illusions of someone’s presence, confusion, etc. are commonly seen. The person remains restless and does not get peace in any way. If black magic is not remedied in time, then it can be extremely destructive, terrifying, and fatal. As a result, the person’s life can be destroyed and ruined or some terrible disease can take over them. Astrology can help people in removing black magic.

What Happens with Black Magic

Anyone’s mind can be controlled by black magic. His selfishness can be achieved through him. Nothing can be said about whether black magic exists in today’s time or not. Let us tell you that black magic is a method in which someone’s mind is controlled through Tantra Vidya etc. This knowledge is used to get the work done and get the work done. Tantra Vidya etc. is used in this.

What is Used in Black Magic

If experts are to believe, black magic includes subjugation, erection, killing, ghosting, sorcery tricks, etc. People also call it Tantrik Vidya. However, apart from this, there are many traditional superstitions and tricks, superstitions, which come from folk tradition. There is no solid foundation behind them. Due to this, they can also be the subject of research. There are many things that are part of religion and many things which are not.

Vastu Tips to Remove Black Magic

According to Vastu, go to any temple with a coin of 1 rupee. 1 Put a handful of rice in rice tell about your problem and keep it quietly in a corner of the temple. By doing this the black magic will soon end and so will its effects.

According to Vastu Shastra, on Friday, make a platform in front of God in your home temple and place an urn filled with water on it and make a Swastika with saffron on that urn and keep a coin of 1 rupee on it.

Every evening after the puja, light a four-sided lamp of ghee at the corner of the main door of the house and put a coin of 1 rupee in this lamp. Doing this will not only remove poverty from the house but will also eliminate negative energy from the house.

Always keep a peacock feather in your pocket. Doing this will strengthen your luck. New opportunities will be available in life and negative energy will also end.

There are Remedies for Black Magic in Vaastu

Even after working hard, if the financial condition is not improving and one is constantly facing illness and financial loss, then it is possible that the person is under the influence of black magic. There are many remedies mentioned in Vastu Shastra to remove the effects of black magic.

Astrological Yoga of Black Magic

Due to a special combination of planets in the horoscope, a person comes under the influence of black magic. If the Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Mars are afflicted by Rahu-Ketu in special houses in the horoscope, then only negative tantra-mantras affect the person.

Black magic has more impact on the person whose Ascendant and Sun are weak. If there is eclipse yoga in the horoscope Rahu is in a very inauspicious position Saturn has an oblique aspect or there is a conjunction of Mars-Saturn or a conjunction of Moon-Saturn then the person comes under the influence of negative powers.

The position of Badhakesh in the horoscope is also important. If at this time there is a Dasha related to the sixth house and sixth house the tenth lord is situated in the ascendant, seventh, and twelfth house Mars is related to the ascendant and the position of Ketu is in the fourth, first, and tenth house.

If Mercury is related to Gulika and Mars is in an obstructing place and there is a visual relation between the two, then the person comes under the influence of black magic. When such a coincidence occurs, it comes under the influence of black magic.

In the horoscope, if there is Rahu with the Moon in the ascendant and cruel planets are situated in the fifth and ninth house. In this yoga, the person suffers from evil deeds. If the situation is similar during transit, then upper obstacles are definitely troubling you. If any of the planets Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, or Mars are in the seventh house in the horoscope, then such people also remain troubled by upper obstacles.

In the above Yogas, if these planets come in Dasha-Arndasha and are also in transit, then understand that the person or caste is definitely troubled by this problem. If there is an antardasha of Moon in the Mahadasha of Rahu and the Moon is weak from Dashapati Rahu in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house, then the person is suffering from adultery.


If you are also troubled by the effects of black magic or you feel that some negative energy is affecting you, then it can have a very bad effect on your life. You can take online astrology Consultations to remove black magic from your life.


Chirag Daruwalla