Why Should You Switch to Exteria?
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Why Should You Switch to Exteria? Read About 3 Main Reasons Here

Having good quality laminated panels on the exterior of the house is very important since it offers the look of the house and also additional protection against various types of external weather problems. This is why cladding is done to provide a skin or a layer to the exterior walls of the house.

There are various brands to choose from in order to have exterior wall fitting for your house. However, cladding is a long-term plan and should be done from a very reliable and trusted brand that offers a longer warranty as well.

CenturyExteria by CenturyPly is the best choice for cladding your house. They offer you the best quality laminate panels, which have a lot of features and benefits.

Why should one switch to Exteria?

Choosing CenturyExteria by CenturyPly is the ideal decision in order to provide your house with a revolutionary look and protect it from various problems.

However, there are various reasons why one should always choose CenturyExteria, but the major ones are:

  • One of the most important reasons why one should choose CenturyExteria is that it offers resistance to extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains, harsh sunlight, dust, and storms. They also provide resistance against erosion.

They also protect the exterior wall from the harmful UV rays that don’t distort the panels.

They provide minimum distortion during extreme external climatic changes that include a dry climate to an excess humid climate.

This panel used for exterior wall cladding is also color stable, offering optimal lightfastness.

  • These panels are made from double hard resin recipes, which make them impact-resistant against wind and other elements and also provide resistance against erosion. The laminated panels by CenturyExteria are made specially designed with German acrylic film and are weatherproof.

They are also fire-retardant, which is the most important feature in order to safeguard your house. Due to the double hardened resins, they are very tough and sturdy and thus have dimensional stability.

They are very self-supporting and therefore don’t require any external support system. These panels are also suitable to be installed as a ventilated façade system according to the customer’s wishes.

  • CenturyExteria by CenturyPly offers these panels in different measures of thickness and grades:
    • These panels used for cladding are available in different thicknesses such as 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc.
    • They also come in single and double-sided decorative options and also in different grades that are exterior and interior grade.
    • They offer a wide range of colors distributed in different segments of wood-grain, abstracts, stone, and solid colors.

Along with the varied range of options, Century cladding also offers a manufacturer warranty of 10 years and also provides technical assistance regarding any problems related to cladding.

With all these features provided by CenturyExteria, the laminated panels provided by them also required no special cleaning or maintenance. All the products by CenturyExteria are duly tested and also certified as green products making them eco-friendly. Along with this, you can have a professional look at your fitment by the dedicated technical support team provided by CenturyExteria.

You can now visit the CenturyPly website and also book a cost-effective project plan for cladding which is not only efficient but also done with full-fledged supervision and support.

CenturyExteria always comes off with new development in processes and materials, and also, being a part of CenturyPly, it simultaneously takes part in various innovations which involve selective and deep research of solutions faced by the customers.

Therefore, choosing CenturyExteria by CenturyPly is the best decision for having an exterior wall cladding of your house that not only gives your house an eye-pleasing look but also protects it house from extreme weather conditions or unforeseen fire. They are very affordable, and the technical support provided by them is highly qualified and comes up with cost-effective plans.

Book your ideal exterior wall cladding fitment from CenturyPly’s CenturyExteria!


Ishita Garg