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How To Locate a Plywood Store?

For years, plywood has indeed been our go-to material for permanent furniture. Plywood is presently being used as a replacement for genuine furniture pieces by many homes owing to its appeal. Plywood, unlike every other construction material, is a cost-effective solution that is not only adaptable but also attractive.

This product, which comes in softwood as well as hardwood varieties and a variety of treatments, could be used for roofs, floors, furnishings such as closets and cupboards, wall cladding, as well as some Home improvement.

Century Ply is a production and trading firm that specialises in architectural products such as plywood, veneers, fiberboard, as well as other new-age materials.

Why choose CenturyPly

From weatherproof plywood for housing developments to humidity-resistant plywood for commercial applications, from clean antifungal plywood to particularly treated Flame Retardant board for a variety of construction applications, CenturyPly has the best quality plywood to meet your demands.

Many experts and individuals prefer CenturyPly plywood, and that is because of their confidence that CenturyPly has become the leading company in the plywood area, with products that are regarded as industry benchmarks.

Types of plywood offered by CenturyPly

The kind and quality of plywood you select can greatly affect the looks of your home. With several different types of plywood currently available on the market, how do you know which one is suitable for residential? To make your decision easier, a list of all the different kinds of plywood CenturyPly provides is given.

  • MR Grade plywood – By its significance for business structures and operations, MR grade plywood, also known as Moisture Resistance plywood, is usually referred to as commercial plywood. This has good tolerance to regular humid, wet, and temperature conditions. However, it must be maintained away from water. MR grade plywood in India is often used in commercial construction projects because of its strength, durability, and affordability.
  • BWP Plywood – The term “BWP” stands for “boiling waterproof plywood.” This is the most preferred plywood because of its exceptional waterproof and weatherproof protection. Its binding strength is derived from using strong adhesives, such as synthetic resins. It can be used in areas like the kitchens, dining room, restrooms, offices, and more where there has been direct and continuous contact with water.

Important service provided by CenturyPly – The online shop!

CenturyPly, one of the region’s main plywood producers and a household name, has launched an e-shop to make shopping even easier. CenturyPly currently has the largest online store for you to receive products with one of the most breakthrough technologies accessible to you by any area of the country, with the goal of making high-grade plywood accessible to every consumer.

This CenturyPly e-shop is exceptionally simple to navigate and use, enabling you to browse, select, and have ply shipped in the most expedient manner imaginable. You cannot only purchase plywood online with this e-shop, but you can also evaluate plywoods or other items to choose the one that best meets your needs.

With parameters such as technology used, shape, style, and so on, one may save money and time not only on several trips to the store and also on finding the perfect product for your requirements.


CenturyPly has shown to endure the passage of time by offering a product line that has reinvented furnishings and ushered in a paradigm change in the idea of living spaces. Plywood, fiberboard, and veneers are its primary products, and it is India’s biggest manufacturer, dealer, and distributor. They have become the unrivalled selection of builders, interior decorators, and craftsmen over time.

CenturyPly personnel is guided by a simple technique of adding high-value goods and services while enhancing the entire portfolio via rigorous R&D, client input, and technical innovation. They take care of all the needs of the customer by providing the best products.


Ishita Garg