Study in Italy

10 Important Reasons to Study in Italy

Italy is one of the most visited and beautiful tourist destinations as well as the most popular places to study in Europe. Its culture and knowledge system are known all over the world. Read this detailed guide on studying in Italy and learn about scholarships, fees and everything about Italy!

Reasons to Study in Italy

From the benefits of studying in Italy to admission fees and requirements, this guide covers the style of study in Italy. Let’s get started!

The most beautiful Italian cuisine and historical treasures have brought visitors to this beautiful country for centuries. Due to its glorious heritage, the country is diverse and attractive. You should think about studying in Italy if you are interested in fields such as architecture, fashion or art and so on. Italy is also amazing for its research and development.

Italy is one of the most popular countries with international students and its international environment. In Italy, people are friendly, open and inclusive. But, if you’re not sure, we have a lot more!

Why Study in Italy?

The Best Universities and Beautiful International Environment

Universities in Italy are divided into private and public institutions. Many Italian institutions are the tallest universities in Europe. International students can apply to Italian universities if they have a qualification that allows them to enter.

Rich Student Life

Italians are open, polite and courteous people. While study in Italy, you will easily find local friends who will teach you that enjoying healthy food is important for a “sweet life”.

Many Degrees Are Taught in English

You can find the right training program for you in any field. They teach several courses for computer sciences and art education programs in English language. There are currently more than 500 English language programs. The most common are-

  • MBA
  • Computer Science
  • International relations
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Architecture
  • Fashion design

Research and Innovation

Italy holds the record for academic publications in excellent research journals. In addition, it focuses on the natural sciences, physics, biology, pharmacy, computer science, medicine and mathematics in Europe.

Higher Education System in Italy

They divided the curriculum into a 5-year program i.e., 3 years for bachelor degree and 2 years for masters degree.

Italy broadly has two types of institutions that make up the higher education system:

  1. University institutions, and
  2. Non-university institutions

Categories of Universities

The Sector of Universities in Italy Consists Of 7 Categories

  1. Public universities – They are public institutions that are funded by the state. They are also equipped with their own management of education, academic independence, finance, management and librarianship.
  2. Private universities. Private universities are recognized by the state but do not receive public funding.
  3. Technical Universities – You can study for a master’s degree in English here.
  4. Government-funded universities – They are funded by the province, not the state.
  5. Postgraduate Higher Education Institutions – These schools are for postgraduate study at specialized universities. They are also independent institutions and offer in-service training and research courses.
  6. Universities for Foreigners – These universities specialize in teaching and research for the development of Italian literature, language and culture.
  7. AFAM Institutes – These academies specialize in areas such as arts, music and dance to technical and research institutions.

Italy conducts postgraduate higher education exams. It mainly consists of oral exams. It also means that you will have one-on-one conversations with your professors.

 Because the exams last from 4 to 6 weeks, students are allowed to schedule their exams. In fact, you can even decline the grade and retake the exam if you are not satisfied with the result. The universities that offer study in Italy are a guaranteed promise for thousands of undergraduate students and this education process in overseas education consultants will help you to get admission.


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