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What Role Can Yoga Play In Controlling Your Anxiety Levels?

It is common to get anxious under a certain set of conditions that really bring our body and mind under stress. However, it is neither common nor helpful to develop it as a natural response to normal and slightly pressurized conditions. When the latter happens it is known as an anxiety disorder.

People suffering from anxiety disorder tend to panic under the most common and harmless conditions. These people live without consistent fear of death,  accident, or worst without any reason. It is not easy for them to stay calm as their body is constantly giving them signals that there is some imminent danger around the corner. 

Yoga can be very helpful for people suffering from this condition as it helps them get control over their mind and body in a productive and fruitful way. Regular practice of yoga poses can help a person determine the thoughts, feelings, and activities that trigger anxiety. It also teaches them effective methods to soothe their feelings and bring their senses under control.

Thus, with everyday practice, they develop resilience against stress and learn to regulate their stress response on a subconscious level 

Yoga for anxiety works best for people who are suffering from mild or subclinical symptoms of anxiety. Individuals were suffering from severe symptoms of this disease need to get professional help and undergo psychological therapy. 

Why Yoga?

Anxiety may seem a minor disorder from a distance but if you notice its impact closely you will see how severely it disrupts the normal flow of life.  people who suffer from this disorder are really satisfied with the solutions that they come across and keep repeating the same mistakes again and again.

It has a huge influence on their self-confidence and they are not comfortable with their own decisions and conclusions. Yoga therapy can be very helpful in regulating these responses and managing a healthy attitude towards one’s own thought process,  responses, and decisions.

The eightfold system of yoga has several elements that are used in the present-day treatment for Yoga for anxiety these include cognitive reframing,  down-regulation of distress,  methods for better cognitive flexibility, behavioral recommendations, and relaxation techniques that regulate breathing and heart rate. 

If you have ever observed Indian saints or sanyasis closely you must have noticed the sense of calmness that they have all the time.  if you go and ask them most of them will say that they practice yoga regularly to get control over their emotions,  responses, and thought process.

Yoga is a practice of mind and body that enhances the levels of awareness of several scales and helps people feel in control most of the time. It also helps in developing a positive outlook towards one’s own behavior and allows one to separate himself from his over-sentimental self.

It relaxes the mind on a subconscious level and replaces unhealthy stress responses with normal responses. 

What Kind Of Yoga For Anxiety?

  • Hero Pose: This pose mainly helps in finding your center of focus. It is important to Remember that by performing the scores you must try to concentrate on your breath and find ease in its stillness. 
  • Tree Pose: It is the Classic standing pose that will really help in focusing all your thoughts inwards and calming down your anxious and racing mind. Along with this, it also improves your center of balance and overall posture as it works on your abdominal and thigh muscles. 
  • Triangle Pose: Also known as a trikon aasan,  this pose is very helpful and relieving stress and tension from your neck and back muscles. Just like the tree pose it also improves your center of balance,  overall flexibility,  and muscular health all across the body. 
  • Standing Forward Bend: It is a relaxing technique that can be performed while standing in a balcony,  restroom,  bedroom, or any other corner where you can find some space and privacy.  it helps in relaxing one’s mind and relieving tension from all over the body. 
  • Fish Pose: It is a specific kind of backbend that can help relieve tightness from your back and chest muscles. This pose is also recommended for asthma patients. 

Make sure that you learn these asanas from a yoga expert or a certified trainer before you add them to your daily routine. 


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