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Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Credit Score Fast

I am in the process of buying a house and I can say that this process is not easy at all, even though I am working with some awesome women to help me through this process.

The first and the biggest thing I had to do was in my control. Here are 10 tips I learned about how you can improve your credit score faster so that you qualify to get a home loan. If you want to make a new credit card online, you can generate it from a credit card generator.

The Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Credit Score Fast Are:

1. Know where you are and where you need to live

There are many services available to pull your credit score and report without damaging your credit score. Find out where your credit score is currently and where it needs to be.

2. Errors, erroneous accounts, etc.

Errors can occur on your credit report, such as accounts that are not yours, accounts that show late payments, when payments were made on time, debts you know you paid, but not reported to credit agencies, etc.

And, instead of contacting credit agencies directly (unless you have several months to decide things), I would like to report the correct information to credit agencies again. I recommend contacting the companies directly.

3. Pay-down credit cards

These are tiny bits of plastic that eat your money faster than you can make it (in most cases). Make a list of your credit card, balance, credit limit, and APR.

You can either pay the lowest balance first or start with the card with the highest APR. If you pay your credit card enough in a few months, you can increase your credit score significantly, and quickly.

4. Do not close the account

When you cancel the credit card your credit score gets hit. Once you pay/stop with a credit card, specifically ask the credit company to report this to the credit agencies (they usually report only once a month).

5. Account Closure

If you have to close an account, first make sure to close the new accounts and leave the oldest accounts open. Now you have an account, your credit history is back.

6. Credit card balances

If you have a few cards that are maxing out, but a couple that is already open, but does not have very few (or none) balances, then balance from some larger cards to other cards. Move. It will also balance and use your credit card and increase your credit score.

7. Student Loan

I discovered very quickly that my student loan showed a minimum payment that was too high, and there was an ‘extra’ student loan balance on my credit report that was a duplicate.

Instead of contacting credit agencies to dispute these items, I simply contacted the student loan company and asked them to correct the situation. I received a letter from them stating that there was an error in my credit report, which was an error, and they have requested the credit agencies to fix the problem.

I can hand over that letter to the lending company so that if it is not fixed on time (credit agencies do not work very fast from what I have experienced), they will look at your credit report and score Huay can keep this in mind (and there is no ‘dispute’ on the credit report, which is good).

8. Pay on time

If you have had late payments in the past, start paying all your bills on time and do not make a single payment. This will improve your credit score.

9. Don’t apply for more credit

When you want to refinance your car, take out a small personal loan, or open a new credit card … don’t. Every time you apply for any kind of credit the company will pull your credit report and it will mean that your credit score will be hit, regardless of whether you are approved or not.

10. Bankrupt

Bankrupt must remain on your credit report for only 10 years. If, after 10 years, it is not removed, sending a letter to the credit agency requesting that it be removed immediately ++. The same is true with debt that was involved in your bankruptcy.


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