What Faux Plywood Sellers Get Your Attention?
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What Faux Plywood Sellers Get Your Attention?

Plywood has become one of those items that may be easily altered to meet your specific demands. Plywood is the ideal product for building, architecture, and decor because of its strength and durability. People utilise wooden products in a variety of settings, and choosing the proper quality of material ensures overall safety, sturdiness, and style. Because of the strong demand, fake goods circulate in the market; here’s how to avoid buying false promises.

If you’re currently upgrading your home interior or want to do so in the coming years, you’re well conscious of how time-consuming that may be. With a slew of tasks ranging from making purchases to ensuring you have always had the decor you want, the whole thing can be a bit intimidating. In truth, as the consumption of resources rises, the chance of being duped and obtaining counterfeit goods has reached an all-time high.

Where fake product stands

Due to decor trends as well as the simplicity that plywood offers, demand for plywood as well as wooden products are skyrocketing. Consumers are easily duped when phoney products are sold under well-known brand names. The counterfeit items are quite similar to the genuine ones, and it might be difficult for somebody who does not work with timber on a routine basis to tell the difference.

Genuinity of the product

One of the brands has made it their mission to save you from counterfeit products, CenturyPly. The CenturyPromise app was created to test plywood quality, and it assists you in verifying the authenticity of the things you’ve bought. All of our products include a QR code that can be scanned using the app to validate the integrity of your purchase.

  • The CenturyPromise Application is a piece of software that you may install on your tablet or phone and use whenever you want. It’s available on the Google Play/App Store and is simple to install on your devices.
  • It’s a simple app to use. You can log in with your existing credentials or access the website as quickly as you install it.
  • The app has a scanner that allows you to identify genuine items in a single step.
  • You have the option of scanning the QR code with the scanners or manually adding it into the app. Your product will be shown if it is genuine.
  • Anyone may verify the authenticity of their purchase with a few swipes of their fingers.
  • The app also provides product characteristics and can assist you in downloading and storing an e-warranty certificate for ease of reference.
  • Consumers may now combat counterfeit products with the use of a simple mobile application. Anyone can easily choose real plywood to keep ahead of counterfeit goods.

The Century Promise was designed by CenturyPly to eliminate any concerns about the genuineness of their actual plywood and to ensure that their clients obtain the correct plywood possible. Century Promise is indeed free software available on Google Play and also on Apple App Stores that involves checking the genuineness of your plywood. It is a simple to use program with a single-step procedure.


You only need to check-in or create an account if this is your introductory visit after downloading the CenturyPromise app, and afterwards, scan the unique QR code inside your CenturyPly item with the app’s code scanner feature. The app will notify you if you already have authentic CenturyPly goods after a scan, guaranteeing that you get the high-quality product that you have been promised.

In addition to displaying product specifications and saving data and information for future prospects, the CenturyPromise program also allows users to download your e-warranty certificate for future convenience. Basically, every CenturyPly you buy comes with a QR code that allows you to tell the difference between a legitimate product and a fake. So, CenturyPromise is all about finding the originality of products you purchase from CenturyPly, and it assists you in buying genuine goods in the future.


Ishita Garg