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Africa Has Emerged As A Top Outsourcing Destination

Africa has been designated as the renowned “Offshoring Destination of the Year” in 2016 and 2018, indicating that it is fully prepared to become a booming global powerhouse for the outsourcing industry.

Africa has successfully enticed a diverse range of enterprises, including BT, British Gas, and Amazon, with well-established government backing and corporate rewards. Cultural affinity, good knowledge of the English language, and comparable time zones have fueled a massive increase in the BPO sector, which is valued to be $237 billion in 2020.

Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria have all established a strong presence in the international outsourcing market as of 2021!


What if We tell you that Africa’s official unemployment rate is currently at 30.8 per cent. As a consequence, the BPO market in the Philippines has lowered down their barrier to entry for job hunters. However, for a lot of the young folks who are motivated and anxious to obtain a jumpstart in their profession at a young age, it is an immensely appealing alternative.

It is undoubtedly incredibly enticing for BPO service providers because they are known and appreciated for their immaculate work ethic. The abundant supply of high-quality, qualified human resource specialists has been the intrinsic fuel of success, particularly for multinational corporations (MNCs) wanting to use Africa’s economies for the implementation of time-consuming and complex activities.

As of 2021, businesses will have broad access to professionals with a solid foundation, which is undoubtedly present in huge corporations. They have access to experts in a variety of important business fields, including the financial sector, legal assistance, IT, procurement, and perhaps even Omni channel or multi-channel customer experience.

Integrated Infrastructure

The basic infrastructure of the properties in Cape Town is comparable to that of upscale European residences. The SEACOM fibre-optic-powered communication infrastructure and the rapid development of domestic transportation assistance make it a popular choice among many.

Due to the sheer deployment of next-generation technology, Africa’s overall Ease-of-Doing-Business ranking is on the increase. South Africa, Kenya, and Botswana are among the top 100 economies in the world, according to The World Bank Group!

Kenya is ranked 56th, South Africa is ranked 84th, and Botswana is ranked 87th. Africa, as a collection of third-world countries, acknowledges the intrinsic worth of opportunities and has got the most of them ever since its inception.

Cost Efficiency

In today’s business marketplace, almost every organization must be concerned about its result. Because it is a crossroads for third-world countries, costs of labour are inherently cheaper than in more structured and industrialised countries, which have substantially higher wage rates!

Furthermore, the living costs are considerably lower. Because the economic climate affects the entire world, a country that readily offers cheaper expenses, such as Africa, is quickly becoming an appealing option for firms looking for cost-effective alternatives!

Advantage of the time-difference

Africa’s allure of delivering round-the-clock excellent service at significantly lower pricing is what attracts firms looking for outsourcing services from all over the world. Big and small overseas clients from America and Australia are eager to take advantage of the opportunity
to obtain a bit of assistance from the competent and trained African representatives, who will deliver services to their network of clients throughout their “downtime”.

This role usually entails customer service, but it is now expanding to include customer experience administration, involving skills training, retention, chats, and social networking interaction, among many other things!

Cultural Diversity

If you google ‘world’s most diversified cultural continent,’ African countries will appear at once in the findings! Africa is a long-standing tourism attraction because of its mesmerising ecosystem, beautiful geography, and significant heritage value, with the extra advantage of
a steady climate and fantastic animals.

All of these aspects have undoubtedly aided in the creation of a brand image that attracts sales and services from all over the world.

Being a resourceful, adaptable, compassionate, vigilant, sincere, and sensible group of people results in a high-quality human resource that is very well to meet the needs of MNC clients.

South Africa already have a successful reputation, while Mauritius is quite well known among Europeans but not so much among Americans, even though they’re very advanced and also have a rapidly increasing BPO sector in the industry! Ghana, Kenya, and Botswana, for example, are already organised and are relatively stable.

That’s the reason why they appear to be on the verge of becoming major outsourcing hubs in the coming years!


Given that Africa is made up of countries with a diverse range of traditional architectural styles and different ethnicities, it’s worth noting that a large percentage of corporate executives are fluent in English. Both in spoken and written form.

Innumerable national academic institutions use English as a means of teaching, and it is also used in state legislative assemblies’ proceedings. Because of its widespread use, the English language makes international interaction a breeze for both parties. Africans also are fluent in French, Dutch (Afrikaans), German, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish, thanks to European imperialism.

In the African customer support picture, customer service specialists are remarkably fluent in Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Arabic, and even Lithuanian! It’s no surprise that Africa has emerged as the global offshoring knight!


Africa’s healthy and growing outsourcing sector innately aids the corporate entities of the largest and most powerful economies of the world in competing in both the domestic and international markets. It is performed to provide a multitude of benefits that would never
have been possible if the procedures had been managed or spearheaded by their local corporate entities.

Employing people with the right skills from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, and South Sudan is not only a smart business decision, but it also equips and offers stable financial assistance for the young generation. As a direct consequence, they are better equipped to do something for their family members!

Businesses all over the world could perhaps seek a quality workforce from African countries or bpo in South Africa, given the multitude of programs that can be effortlessly sourced from the country. Merely to increase overall productivity and better incorporate revenue growth for one’s company or organization while all at the same creating employment opportunities for Africa’s emerging talent.