Experience Counted for the Job

Method of Making Your Experience Counted for the Job

When you are applying for a job, you normally submit a resume and the cover letter to the employer for recruitment. If you get an interview call the employers always studied your resume, the employer normally asks you about the relevant work experience about the job. This is the best time to make the experience count for a job, whether it is government jobs in Pakistan today or a private-sector job.

It is always great to get a job, your relative work experience is always an edge over your competitors. In this article, we are describing how effectively you can elaborate on your work experience.

Why is the employer always inquiring about the work experience?

The employer always has in mind how efficiently you can perform the duties with the skill set you are possessing. When you have mentioned prior work experience, he is always curious about it. The main reason for this curiosity is the employer gauging how effectively you can perform during your duty.

Even though you have mentioned it on the resume, your relative work experience is crucial for the productivity of the organization. Try to summarize your relative work experience in a few words, which are clearly describing your duties, and how you have fulfilled them in your previous job? Remember, your description about the relative experience is always read by the employer keenly.

Work out your answer:

Work out the method to describe your experience in a simple and clear way, one of the methods mentioned above, clearly describe it in the resume. You need to read the wording of the resume two to three times about your previous work experience, and then describe it clearly, what is your past performance. 

The way you have performed during your job, your answer is most crucial for demanding the best of the compensation plan and for the selection. When the employer perceives, you are a good choice, he may offer you the best of the package, as he is convinced you can be a productive asset for the company’s performance.

Create a clear connection between relative experience and the current job:

You can make a real connection between your past experience and the job you have applied for by studying the job description. You need to identify the task, which you can easily perform, as you have the relative working experience, then list the similar responsibilities you are performing during your current job.

Prepare yourself mentally for the common processes and obstacles during your duties. When you think about the expected question, you would find it easy to answer the question confidently. It would be then easy for you to create a connection between your current job experience and the job applied for, the connection is critical for making your experience count.


You need to make your previous work experience counted, when you especially mention it in the resume, try to use a few words in your previous job responsibility. You need to make a connection between your previous job and the applied job responsibility, for this, you have to thoroughly read out the job responsibilities and the skills required for the job applied. It needs some workouts and preparation.


Voss Denellie