How to Download Instagram Photos using KeepPost?

How to Download Instagram Photos using KeepPost?

Here is everything about the best Instagram photos and videos downloader. We call it KeepPost Instagram Downloader. The tool is specifically designed to save any type of media file from Instagram. Those who wish to download photographs or video clips from IG should have a third-party method.

People may need to know whether Instagram has a download option like many other social media platforms. Unfortunately, the privacy policy clearly clarified that downloading media from them is prohibited.

Therefore, we brought you KeepPost Instagram Downloader. There is no doubt that this is going to be the most excellent way to save all the Instagram media in seconds.

What is KeepPost Instagram Downloader?

This is not about an affiliated or a sponsored tool of Instagram. KeepPost Instagram Downloader is a third-party application. It cannot install on a smartphone or desktop. Users can simply visit it using the web browser. It does not matter you are using a smart device or your desktop. It welcomes all the operating systems like Apple iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Windows, Linux, and so on.

However, Keep Post Online comes with a quite simple user interface. All the users have to click is its Download button. This is not a hacked method. It just uses the link of the post and saves it to the device. The best thing about Keep Post Instagram Downloader is; it never decreases the actual quality of any media file.

Download Instagram photos using KeepPost

  • Here is the complete guide to how to download Instagram Photos using KeepPost.
  • As the first step, open your Instagram profile using the app
  • Scroll down the timeline to the post that you need to download. Users know they can search posts using hashtags or else they can search the profile and go to the post directly. It is up to you to go through any method and find out the interesting post
  • Go to the three dots on the top right corner and copy the specific link of the post. This is the options list of every post. Once tap it, the list will open
  • Open the device web browser and search KeepPost Instagram Downloader. Open the website and continue
  • And then you can paste the link that was copied to the relevant download field. The download bar of KeepPost displays on the top of the web page
  • Continue the process by tapping the “Download Now” button
  • Tap the Download button once more when the photo will display as a preview
  • It will take a couple of seconds. The speed of the process depends on the Wi-Fi connection that you connected

Features of KeepPost

  • KeepPost Instagram Downloader is a web-based third-party tool for Instagram users
  • It can download Instagram photos and any other shared media file in seconds with a single tap
  • KeepPost tool automatically transform the format of photographs into JPG
  • Users can visit and download uncountable media files using KeepPost for totally free
  • It downloads Instagram photos without decreasing their quality
  • It is a safe platform 



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