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Everything You Need to Know About Square for WooCommerce?

The integration of WooCommerce with Square has been long awaited on the wish lists of the digital artists and makers who sell both online and at urban markets, craft fairs, and art shows. Several solutions are available in the marketplace, including free and official Square for WooCommerce plugins and paid plugins like WooSquare Plugin.

Using both plugins, you can easily integrate the square payment method on your WooCommerce-enabled site. Also, it ensures that all your inventory products and prices are synchronized between your physical Square POS (Point of Sale) and your online WooCommerce store.

How Does Square for WooCommerce (WooSquare Plus) Extension Works?

WooSquare Plus is robust, powerful, and secure automation that helps users synchronize their merchandise between Square & WooCommerce with all the products easily and efficiently. It enables the user to synchronize their online WooCommerce store via the Square Platform easily.

In this professional version, the overall knowledge of the product can be synchronized within the WooCommerce and Square POS, such as Cost, Stock, Categories, Images, Variations, Total no. of orders, and Discounts. Furthermore, the auto-synchronization features help users manage their tasks, making them time efficient and making things simpler and easier.

By using this plugin, even refunds can be managed easily from the Square POS to WooCommerce. Considering that we’ve successfully incorporated the revamped Sandbox Support in the payment gateway along with the latest square API integration that makes it developer and user friendly.

Features of WooSquare Plus

WooSquare Plus constitutes of several features, some of them are as follows:

1) Sync Products or Items to Both Platforms

Synchronizes the products and items from the Square Payment Gateway to WooCommerce or vice versa with all the products or items in detail.

2) Processes the Square Payments

Processes the simple or recurring payments in your Square payment form via the WooCommerce with the Subscriptions.

3) Saves Cards On File

The users can easily save card details and information at checkout and use them in the future when needed.

4) Transaction Notes

Users can easily send dynamic transaction notes via the WooCommerce checkout fields & order ID after each successful transaction.

5) Synchronizes Customers

Users can easily sync their customers among multiple segments and associate them to their orders that appear in WooCommerce via the Square Account.

6) Cartflows Compatibility

Builds conversion-optimized sales funnels completely with single click upsells, cart abandonment recovery, and many more.

7) Supports Google Pay

WooSquare Plus supports that Google Pay enables customers to make payments in your app or website via the credit or debit card that has been saved to their Google Account.

8) Supports Square Gift Card

Enables your customer to accept Square eGift Cards on your website via WooSquare Plus that supports your businesses today via leveraging from the Square digital eGift Cards.

9) Supports Square Modifiers

Square modifiers enable you to sell items that can be customized or offer extra choices, and the square modifiers can be easily activated via the WooSquare Plus module tab.

10) Supports Apple Pay

Apple Pay enables customers to make NFC transactions on the one go, and the customers can simply control their iOS devices near the NFC reader to trigger the number of payments.

11) Compatible with WooCommerce Pre-Orders Extension

WooCommerce pre-orders extension enables you to sell products and services before being available up-front and upon the released matter.

12) Synchronizes Products

WooSquare Plus enables the users to easily sync their products, i.e., simple or variable, from the WooCommerce platform to the Square or vice versa.

13) Instant Synchronization

WooSquare Plus instantly synchronizes all the status of the order and the information between the Square and WooCommerce platforms.

14) Secure & Safe Transactions

WooSquare Plus comes equipped with cutting-edge technologies and industry-related tools to keep your transactions completely safe and secure.

15) Automatic Inventory Synchronization

Assists the inventory that can automatically be synchronized between the WooCommerce & Square Platform for accurate inventory management.

16) Synchronizes Variations Based on Attributes

The variations can be created, and the global and custom attributes can be synced among both platforms.

17) Synchronizes the Order Refunds

Order refunds can be simply through the Square POS system can be easily synchronized with your WooCommerce website.

Wrapping Up

Seemingly, the seamless integration of Square for WooCommerce using the WooSquare Plus extension helps users to synchronize the square payment method with their WooCommerce website. Thus, creating a bridge between the Square payment method and the WooCommerce-enabled website.


Calvin Adams