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Is it possible to find a stroller that is easy to use and store, maneuverable and reliable? Absolutely! Here are the different criteria to evaluate before buying.

  • What type of stroller to choose?
  • The characteristics of a good stroller
  • Which stroller for running and difficult terrain?
  • To remember

What type of stroller to choose?

Before choosing a stroller, think about your needs: will you be using it for walks in the park or for getaways in the forest? Also, think about the weight (especially if you do not live on the ground floor) as well as the space occupied by the stroller when closed (if you have little storage). Here are the main types of strollers available on the market.

Classic models

In this category, you will find relatively light and compact models, as well as other larger products offering a large storage space under the seat. Their seat is attached to the frame, so you can’t turn it around to watch the baby when you walk, as you can with transformable models. On the majority of classic strollers, you can, with the help of an adapter, attach a shell to carry a baby. Please note: not all brands of shells are compatible with all models of strollers. To avoid confusion, some manufacturers sell “travel systems” that include the stroller and the matching shell. These products are a good deal since a shell alone costs an average of $ 300.

Convertible models

With a modular stroller, you can remove the seat from the frame and turn it backward, or replace it with a pram or shell. The many possible configurations of certain top-of-the-range models make it possible, for example, to transport a second child. Convertible strollers are generally heavier than conventional ones. Also plan an additional amount depending on the accessories you choose (pram, shell, etc.).

Compact and “umbrella” models

Small and light, compact strollers and umbrella strollers take up little space when closed. If you are flying, some models may even be accepted as carry-on baggage. They are well suited for traveling parents who do not want to burden themselves with a large model. Nevertheless, the child will generally be less comfortable there and will feel the bumps of the road more there than in conventional or convertible strollers, generally equipped with larger wheels. Many “umbrella” strollers (also called pushchairs) have a sun visor, footrest, and reclining backrest. You will also find “basic” models on the market that do not have them, which are more affordable.

The characteristics of a good stroller

Have you determined the type of strollers that will make you and your child happy? Now all you have to do is choose the ideal model from our recommendations. In summary, here are the characteristics to remember when choosing a good stroller.

  • Wheels and suspension
    Choose wheels of 17.5 or 20 cm (7 or 8 in) and more in the front and 22.5 to 25 cm (9 or 10 in) and more in the rear, to roll easily on bumpy terrain. With large wheels, a stroller can also roll easily in the snow. The suspension, meanwhile, contributes to the comfort of the child, who will not feel all the deformations of the terrain.
  • Weight and size
    Prefer a weight of 9 to 13 kg (20 to 28.6 lbs) for conventional and convertible strollers and approximately 5 kg (11 lbs) for “umbrella” strollers. For dimensions, you’ll find models that are 55 to 67.5 cm (22 to 27 inches) wide – these are relatively bulky. Note that a standard door is approximately 30 ” wide.
  • The space occupied by the folded stroller
    Some models have the advantage of being easily disassembled (wheels and seat) and of being able to be stored in a small space.
  • Storage
    Make sure that the stroller that caught your attention can hold your diaper bag and some groceries.
  • The travel system
    Includes a shell and its base to install it in the car.
  • The five-point attachment system and reclining backrest.
    Take the time in-store to try out the attachment system and backrest adjustments, as you will have to use them regularly.
  • The accessories offered
    The snack tray, the platform on wheels to transport the big brother or the big sister in the back of the stroller, the transport bag, and the waterproof canvas are often specific to a brand or a model. Check their price carefully before choosing the stroller.

Which stroller for running and difficult terrain?

  • Sport Stroller
    If you want to run with your baby, look for a stroller that has three extra-large pneumatic wheels (40 cm or 16 in. Or larger). You also need to be able to block the front wheel to prevent it from rotating while you run, for example. The handle should be extended enough to allow plenty of legroom.
  • All-terrain
    stroller Larger than a conventional stroller, an all-terrain stroller must have wheels with studs and sometimes pneumatic tires. Also, look for a good suspension for the comfort of your baby. Be careful, this type of stroller is relatively heavy.

To remember

  • To choose your stroller well, you must first think about your needs and how you will use it.
  • There are three main types of strollers on the market: classic, convertible, and compact models.
  • Several characteristics are to be considered before buying a stroller, including the size of the wheels, the suspension, the weight and size of the stroller as well as the storage spaces.


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