Here are Six countries that make the best foreign chocolate
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Here are Six countries that make the best foreign chocolate

We don’t have to wait for a reason to reach for some fruity ice cream. A part of the traveling experience is sampling the local chocolates from foreign countries. The following six countries are famous for making exotic chocolates.

United States

Can you name one thing that makes American chocolates different from those from abroad? Almonds and peanuts are frequently consumed. Though Hershey’s is the country’s largest producer of chocolates, there are several shops offering artisan foreign chocolate across the country.

Another favorite family destination in Hershey is Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, which offers thrill rides in addition to all the foreign chocolates and confections a person could ever want!

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is promising artisanal, handmade foreign chocolates that can change that. Fewer than 4% of foreign chocolate sold globally is consumed by Africans. While the country is known as a leading producer and exporter of cocoa beans, they have also begun producing their own brand of foreign chocolate as their region continues to stabilize and experience economic growth.

This was the case with Instant Chocolate, which was launched in 2015 and has seen widespread success in its first three years. Both locally and internationally, Air France and Citibank appreciate their foreign chocolate, ranging from pralines to bars.


Swiss chocolate is probably something you’ve had even if you’ve never been to Switzerland. Lindt imported chocolates are the most popular in the world and are available all over the world. In fact, the production of Swiss imported chocolates is especially interesting because despite Switzerland’s climate not being suitable for cacao plants to grow, they nonetheless manufacture imported chocolates.

Additionally, the Swiss consume the greatest amount of imported chocolates per capita – the average Swiss consumes over 10 kilograms of imported chocolates each year!

United Kingdom

Would you like some Cadbury? Whenever Cadbury eggs appear at the grocery store, it’s impossible to say no. However, the company was founded in the United Kingdom in 1820 to sell tea, coffee, and drinking chocolates imported from Europe.

It was the Cadbury brothers who supplied Queen Victoria with imported chocolates in the 1850s and developed the popular Dairy Milk foreign chocolates in 1905, which were renowned for their high milk content.

While Cadbury Eggs and Dairy Milk bars can be found anywhere in the world, we like them even more while strolling along a cobblestone street in the UK.


It is impossible to visit Belgium without stopping at a foreign chocolate shop. There are over 2,000 of them spread throughout the country! Belgian foreign chocolates are unique in that after they are made, they are cooled only once. This allows them to keep their flavor longer, with less refrigeration.

The Belgian foreign chocolate industry is also almost entirely handcrafted. As a consequence of these factors, foreign chocolates from Belgium will usually be a little more expensive, however, as they say – treat yourself!


The scene: an espresso drink and a piece of Italian foreign chocolate at a cozy Italian cafe. Is there anything not to love? Italians are accustomed to eating foreign chocolates produced by Amadei.

Their cocoa is obtained directly from growers, which means that they know where the beans came from, as well as how the beans were grown. It is this knowledge that helps them produce some of the best chocolates on the planet. Additionally, Italian pastries feature imported chocolate, which is appealing to anyone who loves sweets.


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