Pawna Lake | A camping tour for peace
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Pawna Lake | A camping tour for peace

Pawna lake differently known as pavana lake and pavana dam reservoir, Is an artificial lake turned into and reservoir. At a distance of just 25 Km from one of the most renowned picnic spots in india, lonavala, the Pawna lake or reservoir is also rapidly catching the tourist interest For as a camping and picnic site.

The alluring greenery and the water Bodies linked with the lonavala and some famous forts such as tung, Lohagadh and tikona has made the site more popular between the Visitors. Mumbai and pune are the two main localities for the visitors to Come from. It feels like being in the lap of nature when near pawna lake As its motherly and earthy attributes are a magnet for the tourists.

Things to do near pawna lake

  • Camping
  • Tandem Paragliding
  • Kondeshwar Temple
  • Bedsa Caves
  • Tikona Fort
  • Dinosaurs Park
  • Dudhiware Waterfall


A scenario refreshing, adventurous, fun and altogether different and Relaxing from the monotonous living, is what camping is all about. Held Between the arms of nature, with the loved ones whispering stories, Giggling and relishing the beauty is one of the joys to have as a break And what better place than the pawna lake. On the shores of the lake in An soothing environment experiencing the tent life, isn’t it fun even Visualising? So, when in maharashtra and pawna lake not being far, a Visit is deserved by both you and pawna lake camping.

Tandem Paragliding

High in the sky with a panoramic view of the viridescent western ghats With a waterbody in form of lake in the center, paragliding is an Activity and lifetime experience one must surely have. One of the few Things or activities to undergo while around pawna lake is the tandem Paragliding.

At a distance of 21 kms from the lonavala hill station, the Flight rises high from the pawna hills. Aslo safe for all to be part of This extreme sport as most of the hard controls are in the hand of the Pilot. So, an aerial view of the beautiful hills, water bodies, temples and The lush green western ghats is not an activity to be missed out on.

Kondeshwar Temple

Kondeshwar temple is a flabbergasting black stone architecture for The worship of lord shiva. Located in the village of jambhivali, Kondeshwar temple takes a rocky hike to covered and cleared for it Being in the midst of a dense forest. Adding audio to the visual beauty Of the place is the waterfall nearby.

Again, surrounded by the nature in Different forms by all the sides, kondeshwar temple is a place for the Shiva devotees and the hikers and one wishing an adventure with a Beautiful destination as well. One of the places near pawna lake to give A foot-fall is the holy shiva temple, kondeshwar.

Distance from pawna lake – 100 km

Bedsa Caves

The supremely ancient caves with its association with the 1 st century bce Period of the satavahana, bedsa caves are a collective product of the Rock-cut monuments by the buddhists. With two main caves, namely Chaitya and vihara, bedse (or bedsa) is a plethora of the chaitya arch Motifs and the decorative gavaksha. Chaitya is more known of the both Is because of its large stupa in comparison with the vihara.

Chaitya and Vihara have 7 and 11 caves respectively within. In order to please the Britishers, a lot of maintenance activities were done until around 1861. For the visitors, it is advisable to visit early in the morning as the caves Face the eastwards.

Found in between the lush green landscaping, Monsoon is the best season for a visit to be paid. Giving a sense of ancient Culture, historic place and that too with nature included, bedse caves Is one of the trilogy of caves I.E., karla, bhaje and bedse with each to be Relished while near pawna.

Distance from pawna lake – 10 km.

Tikona Fort

Located near the tikona peeth village, 60 kms from pune city, tikona fort Is triangular hill with its peak touching the height of 3500 ft. Tikona is a Notable trekking destination with some satvahan caves, and Waterbodies nearby. From being an nizam dynasty fort to getting Captured by the great shivaji maharaj, fort has a wide history behind.

Crossing a forest, not too dense, and reaching the narrow steps Upwards leading to the summit, it takes a little courage to have a Glimpse from the top and that too in the most favourable time to visit, Monsoon. It is counted among the destinations not to be missed out on When near pune and pawna lake.

Distance from pawna lake – 4.3 km

Dinosaurs Park

Artificial infrastructure built in the natural premises within the 6 Acres of land, the dinosaur park is place very lovely and knowledgeable To visit with all the history of the dinosaurs. While at the park, one Recalls the famous jurassic park somewhat and not exactly.

With fun Activities and a lot of other stuff to do and explore, dinosaurs park Near pawna lake is also a place which kids would like more and even Elderly would not get bored at.

Distance from pawna lake – 13km

Dudhiware Waterfall

The seasonal waterfall for the monsoons, dudhiware waterfall is a Two-tier waterfall located near the lonavala hill station. The Waterfall distances around 150 ft. Upwards from the rock structure on The ground. It is an easy trek that takes hardly 10 minutes to reach from The base to footfall.

But an activity making the destination more Thrilling, adventurous and worth pay a visit is the waterfall Rappelling is from the height of around 135 ft. That too the trail being a Slippery and soapy one.

So, one with an interest in waterfall rappelling And also one’s wishing to enjoy the natural water body must have look At the dudhiware waterfall.

Distance from pawna lake – 14 km

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