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Importance of baby healthy Kicks During Pregnancy

While you are running through your third trimester, the baby starts kicking from your wombs. According to experts, kicks should be counted as it recommends baby’s health. Doctors always suggest counting kicks, jabs, and punches of the baby from the third trimester to record the well-being of the baby.

There are apps that can help you to count kicks from the third trimester. Pregnancy kick counter apps can help you there. Today, you will get some information about counting kick of your unborn baby.

How to Count a Kick

There are certain tips you should follow to record the timing of your baby’s kicks so that you can present the data to your doctor-Know when your baby is most active. Usually, they stay active when you have ameal or even a little snack.

When you know that your baby is awake, you should sit on your feet or lie on your side. Now, start counting her movements. You should consider all her jabs, rolls, punches, twists, turns and swishes as kicks. Don’t include her hiccups. Keep a log book and enter the time she takes to make 10 movements.

You should count the kicks everyday to know that your baby is under normal conditions.

You can download an app to count on her kicks. Usually, you can count movements within 10-15 minutes. But, sometimes, it may take almost an hour. Overweight woman finds it quite difficult to perceive the kicks and keep proper count.

Also remember that as your pregnancy progresses, your baby will get little room to move, so the sensations may not be sharp and noticeable enough those were at the beginning of the third trimester.

Do You Need to Consult Doctor?

Usually, you can count kicks within 30 minutes. But, every baby is different. So, it can often take one hour to count 10 moves. If you notice you require two hours to count 10 moves, you should consult your doctor immediately. To check the heart rate of the baby, a nonstress test is performed.

If the doctor thinks, he can go for an ultrasound for knowing further details of the baby’s position. You should never delay in consulting your doctor or midwife if you notice any abnormality in your baby’s movement. Your decision can keep you away from stillbirth.

Benefits of Counting Kicks of Your Baby

It is a well-known fact that counting the kicks of your baby will tell you about the health condition of your baby. But, counting kicks during pregnancy also has other benefits:-

While counting her kicks, it will help you to bond with your baby. When you take time during counting, you focus on your baby’s movement and you can know about her personality. Your partner can also feel the movement and make his bond too with the kid.

You can know about the type of movements of your baby. You also get to know if your baby changes patterns of movement.

If you are a pregnant lady, you should start counting your baby’s kicks from the third trimester. If you require any more assistance on this, you should call your midwife or doctor.


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