The 5 Best Chess Apps to Play with Friends and Family

Chess, the timeless game of strategy and intellect, has found a new dimension in the digital age. Whether you’re just starting and eager to learn the techniques of a grandmaster looking for a challenging opponent, the world of chess apps has something for everyone. Here, we explore 5 outstanding chess apps that appeal to beginners and seasoned players.

ChessFanatics (Desktop, iOS, Android)

For the dedicated chess enthusiast, stands out as a premier choice. This app is the perfect place for both beginners and grandmasters of all levels. With a user-friendly interface and many features, ChessFanatics ensures an immersive chess experience. Beginners can benefit from interactive tutorials, while grandmasters can engage in high-level matches, making it a perfect blend for players of all levels. (Desktop, iOS, Android) supports those aspiring to elevate their chess skills to new heights. The app provides a comprehensive learning platform with lessons curated by top-tier chess professionals. Beginners can grasp the basics, while grandmasters can delve into advanced strategies. The app’s adaptive difficulty ensures a challenging yet rewarding progression, making it a must-have for anyone serious about improving their chess game.

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Lichess (Desktop, iOS, Android)

Lichess is not just an app; it’s a strategic battleground where every move counts. Designed for players who appreciate the subtle art of chess strategy, this app challenges beginners and grandmasters with tactical puzzles and strategic scenarios. The interactive lessons and analysis tools make it an invaluable companion for improving your strategic prowess, ensuring every game is a step towards mastery.

Board Game Arena (Desktop, mobile web)

Board Game Arena takes a personalized approach to chess learning. Beginners receive guidance on fundamentals, while grandmasters can refine their techniques with advanced lessons. The app’s feature provides insights into your gameplay, making it an excellent choice for those seeking continuous improvement and mentorship on their chess journey.

SocialChess (iOS, Android)

For grandmasters seeking worthy opponents, GrandArena is the ultimate battleground. This app brings together top-tier players, creating a competitive environment that pushes the boundaries of chess mastery. With real-time matches, tournaments, and a dynamic rating system, SocialChess offers an unparalleled experience for those who rely on the challenge of grandmaster-level competition.


The world of chess apps has evolved to accommodate the diverse needs of players, from beginners taking their first steps to grandmasters seeking the next challenge. These applications offer a comprehensive chess experience that caters to enthusiasts at every skill level. Whether you aim to learn the basics, refine your strategy, or engage in grandmaster duels, these apps are your gateway to the captivating realm of chess mastery. So, begin your chess journey with these five great apps, and let the checkmate adventures begin!


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