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What’s in Your Creative Writing Notebook?

I started content writing in my writing notebook. I had no idea what to write or which story to start writing next. Whatever used to come into my mind, I used to write it down. Therefore, my act of writing became an act of self-discovery — what turns out to be a lot of fun.

So, I usually advise my fellow writers to dump all their ideas down in a writing notebook. You can take a look at what’s relevant (and what’s not) and write down the ones that interest you. Make notes of everything that you find interesting. What’s more, is that this method of discovery is a great way to identify good writing opportunities down the road.

In this blog post, I share ideas related to what you can find in a writing notebook, be it mine or other writers. Here are some of the pointers I have observed:

Creative Writing Notebooks Are a Great Way To Store Ideas And Inspiration:

Writing a notebook helps you take down notes of your interests. They keep you productive by helping prevent you from losing focus. The trouble is that not all writers create the best notes. Besides, the most important thing to remember when writing is that your main goal is to improve your own work.

That means putting as much effort into getting the good ideas down as possible. As a result, your art of writing improves. Likewise, you learn to prioritize and make notes.

Creative Writing Notebooks Are the Dumb Base for All of Your Thoughts:

Your creative writing notebook (or writer notebook, or simply notebook) should be filled with all the great ideas you have. It should also include the things you don’t want to remember. Writing bad pitches, or experiences that turn out to be a sore, or starting ideas that aren’t great, you can always note them down in your notebook.

One book writers Agency showed me that you could embrace your ideas without judging them when I started my ghostwriting career.

Notebook Writing Helps You Explore Life:

Besides, your creative writing notebook is an ongoing exploration of the writing life. What we put into it, how we feel about it, and what results (if any) may come. As part of this process, you will gather data- both collected from conversations with writers and ideas I’ve come across elsewhere.

Keep Track of the Important Events:

There are many factors to consider when choosing a notebook for your creative writing projects. No matter if you are a writer who needs a planner or an organizer to keep track of facts and ideas. Or you are or a student who needs a simple notebook who wants to take notes; a notebook can meet all of your needs.

You can find a planner notebook at your local library or bookstore. You might want something with more organization features or more writing ability. There is a wide range of creativity notebooks available. With the speed at which creativity blooms, there is no shortage of ideas for your personal brand. Personally, I believe a notebook is a resource that you can use to write regularly.

Over time I’ve made some interesting discoveries about how different notebooks impact my creative process. It is alright if you find yourself lazing in bed at night. Or you are distracted by a text message while working, having a notebook available can make the creative process better – and save you a lot of time!

Helps You Keep Yourself Busy:

If you’re writing, and you think that your manuscript (the words on the page that you are planning to turn into a novel or a long-form essay) could be anything but a mess, you need a notebook. I have observed whenever I carry around a diary with myself. I always note something down in it to note something even as little observation from my surrounding.

It not only helps me keep grounded in my present reality but also made me look at things differently. Most of the time, we spend scrolling down the Facebook or Instagram Feed, unaware of our what is happening in our background. We forget to observe and take a second to appreciate what we have in our life at this very moment.

Therefore, a notebook that has a planner on the cover and pages where you jot down ideas and discoveries for yourself. The problem is that many creative writers prefer to keep their hands busy with other things. So they don’t have time to jot down their thoughts in notebook format.

So I say you can not only write simple ideas or random things while on your daily commute. You can fill pages after pages on what it mean to you be you in everyday life. You can actually create your mind space – a collection of tools quotes, and prompts. If you are an individual like me, then your creativity notebook looks like it was designed to make you feel inadequate.

Write Inspirations:

Writing inspiration comes in many forms. There are quotes from famous authors on just about every page. If you ask me yes, my notebook is filled with thoughts, ideas, and random inspiration that comes from anywhere at any time. If you’re interested in this writing exercise, then you should give it a try, but what goes into a creative writing notebook?

The idea of keeping a notebook was that it would help me to keep track of any lively ideas that had popped into my mind. It took me a while, more than it should be, to understand that creative writing comes in many forms. Whether it’s writing short stories, poems, or maybe even a novel, you have infinite possibilities.

I know of several writers who keep a writer’s notebook with them at all times. This is for a couple of key reasons: you could use a notebook for poetry, song lyrics, short stories, or instructional measures.

Wrap UP:

As my concluding thought, I’d again like to mention once again: a notebook is essential for your creative writing endeavors.


Hazel Audrin

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