Here’s How To Stay Safe from the Attack of Viruses
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Here’s How To Stay Safe from the Attack of Viruses

In the current state of life, we all are under a pandemic where viruses are running rampant across the globe. The current situation has made everyone vary of viruses and on the lookout for preventive measures for tackling viruses. We often wash our hands and use disinfectants whenever possible to keep ourselves healthy. But the same can not be done without furniture. Wooden surfaces are also a good conductor of viruses which means viruses can live on wooden surfaces for approximately 10-12 hours.

Being safe from a virus requires having several preventive measures in place like using a mask, using a disinfectant, washing hands regularly, and consulting a doctor at least once a month. But when we think of how to keep our home safe from virus attacks, we simply believe that washing and dusting is the way to have a clean home and furniture but washing regularly can deteriorate the quality of plywood, so what should be done. Centuryply introduced ViroKill technology, which has A4 features. That is, A4 is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, and antimicrobial.

To tackle this situation with wooden surfaces and furniture, Century ply has provided antiviral and antibacterial plywood for us to use in furniture. The A4 nature of their plywood is being appreciated by a lot of their customers. A4 simply comprises 4 As, which are antibacterial, antivirus, antimicrobial, and antifungal. The antiviral plywoods provided by CenturyPly can be an answer to how to tackle viruses on wooden surfaces or your furniture.

Now the very question arises, how can plywood keep furniture virus free

CenturyPly has developed a technology with the name ViroKill which is capable of doing this. Using nanoparticles during the treatment of plywood helps them in self-doctoring treatment of surfaces in case of any virus attack. ViroKill, a product of CenturyPly, uses an A4 safety mechanism when treating the plywood or lamenting them.

Highly energised nanoparticles can kill any microorganism that comes in contact with the surface of ViroKill-treated plywood. Through the contact killing process and ViroKill treatment, CenturyPly aims to keep the plywoods or surfaces of your furniture safe for your family and children.

These nanoparticles can kill microorganisms, but are they safe to use inside your own house and for your children?

The answer would be yes, they are safe and can be used to keep your house safe and clean, at least from the inside, and one can always enjoy multiple benefits that come with buying a product from CenturyPly, like authenticity and trust.

Century offers a lot of options with ViroKill, and for the sake of understanding, we are naming a few here:

  • IS:710 Marine/CenturyTeak
  • Bond 710
  • Club Prime
  • Architect Ply

Apart from this, CenturyPly also offers a lot of other water-resistant and fire-retarded plywoods for use in different places in your house. For bathrooms, one can use water-resistant plywoods, or for kitchens, we can consider fire-retardant plywood. Sometimes we can also use a combination of features in our plywoods from CenturyPly.

The ViroKill feature of plywoods has lifetime validity as long as the furniture or plywoods or decorative items made are kept in a dry and warm place with timely care schedules. One should always dust and polish the furniture to keep its shine and lustre for a long time.


Keeping your body and mind healthy should be our priority. The world is going through a pandemic situation, and while every industry is trying its best to survive and adapt to this new situation, the furniture industry is also providing new preventive measures to protect humans from viruses.

With this promise, CenturyPly aimed to make every Indian household even more hygienic and safe with various innovative technology and producing custom products. To fulfil the promise of better hygiene and safety, Century introduced ViroKill in plywoods which can tackle viruses on plywood surfaces. ViroKill equipped helps us in making our home elegant and beautiful at the same time keeping the promise of safety.


Ishita Garg