Can A Small Stun Gun Really Keep You Safe?

The lowly cattle prod changed into the prototype for regulation enforcement, navy and civilian use stun guns. The first gadgets had been cumbersome, and carried a low voltage.

They have been typically powered by 9 volt batteries which had to be replaced often. Still, their sheer size and the surprise that they brought about while activated made them effective self defense guns.

Current era stun weapons are plenty more state-of-the-art. The makers of stun weapons were able to faucet into leading part era to create gadgets with greater features and which might be more dependable.

In popular, they’re also extra compact. Some of the smallest models are so small, they could effortlessly be hid within the palm of your hand.

But can a small stun gun certainly keep you safe? The answer is yes.

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  • Let’s look similarly at 3 of the smallest stun guns:
  • So what can these small stun weapons do to an attacker?
  • Conclusion

Let’s look similarly at 3 of the smallest stun guns:

  • The Runt: The biggest of the three, the Runt is set the dimensions of a deck of cards. It has a built in charger so you never have to worry approximately those 9 volt batteries anymore. It additionally has a flashlight mode and a wrist strap disabling pin so it can’t be used to surprise you if it gets taken far from you. It generates 10 million volts of strength.
  • The Lil Guy: This stun gun is ready 1/2 the size of the Runt. This makes it smooth to tuck into a pocket or even a small handbag. It additionally has a constructed in charger and a flashlight mode. The Lil Guy puts out 7.5million volts.
  • Lipstick Stun Gun: This is the smallest of the 3 and about the scale and dimensions of a regular tube of lipstick. It is also rechargeable and includes a flashlight mode. This one puts out 3 million volts of energy.

So what can these small stun weapons do to an attacker?

First of all, even simply the sound has been confirmed to be a deterrent. Most attackers want smooth prey. If they listen the popping of a stun gun, maximum will circulate on or wait for an less difficult target.

A Car Gun Safe that you can conceal inside the palm of your hand lets in you to hold the upper hand through the use of the detail of wonder towards an attacker.

While all stun weapons need to make contact to paintings, a 1/2 to a second contact will repel them and purpose pain. The first-class way I can describe it’s miles feeling the awful pain you get when you hit your humorous bone… Except feeling it all over your frame. I actually have additionally heard it defined as being hit with the aid of 10 bats all at once.

A to five 2nd touch will disrupt the electrical device in the mind. This causes the attacker to lose control of their muscle tissues. Most times they will crumple and might even moist or soil themselves. The smaller devices paintings higher with longer contact.

The smaller stun weapons are also more powerful in case you make contact with massive muscle organizations in the frame, despite the fact that everywhere will paintings. They electric present day will undergo about an inch of garb, so you do not need to make direct touch with naked pores and skin.


Ultimately, the purpose that small stun weapons may be a completely powerful self protection weapon is because their size permits you to more effortlessly hold one with you at all times.

The fine self protection is the only you have geared up to apply while a crisis happens. You should purchase a super duper whooper whooper self defense device, however in case you don’t have it for your hand while an attacker strikes, you have purchased a dud.


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