Do You Wear Goggles Over or Under Swim Fins

Do You Wear Goggles Over or Under Swim Fins?

Swim goggles and a swim cap are the two most important parts of the swimming experience. But there is a lot of debate over how these items are worn. Whether you choose swimming fins or swimming goggles, it is crucial to make them comfortable.

A recreational swimmer usually puts the swimming goggles over the swim cap to make them easy to adjust and get extra comfort. Competitive swimming typically puts the goggles under the swimming fins/cap to lower drag and help to hold the straps in one place.

It’s all about personal preference whether or not you choose to wear goggles over or under swim caps. Here are some interesting facts about swimming fins you should know to learn the difference and which cap style suits you.

1) Swimming goggles over the swim cap:

A casual swimmer usually put the swim fins first and then wears swim goggles. It is a style considered typical for swimmers, but not for any kind of formal competition.

For swimming, they can easily adjust goggles and necessarily remove them quickly when there is no need for them to take the swim cap. For some, it’s a habit of moving their goggles around and between sets.

Wearing swim goggles over the swim cap can pull straps or tug at the hair since there is no protective layer between them. For this long hair, a swimmer may put swim goggles over a swim cap to avoid any problem.

2) Swimming goggles under the swim cap:

Competitive swimmers intend to do the opposite and wear swim goggles under the swimming fins. When the swim goggles are under the cap, it locks them in one place and prevents goggles from moving around.

It is a significant benefit for competitive swimmers since they don’t want to waste any more time adjusting goggles while racing.

A swimmer needs to have straps secured and hold goggles in one place. The crown of the head should be smooth so the water will glide off the surface.

The more folds, wrinkles, and bumps, the more area for the water to slow you down. That is why swimmers wear swim fins/caps under the swim goggles in the first place.


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