Things you should consider before buying the knee braces
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Things you should consider before buying the knee braces

Knee braces are used to wear for different purposes. They are considered the tools that help prevent the chances of injuries. As well as this, knee braces also help immobilize the injured knees to control the spread of injury. Wearing knee braces also help speed up the recovery process following a knee injury or surgery.

The knee joint is considered one of the most common body parts or joints to be injured. Knee injuries commonly occur due to bending or twisting forces applied to the knees. As well as this, some traumatic conditions, such as direct blow, fall, or road accidents, may result in different knee injuries.

This article is a detailed account of several facts related to knee injuries. For example, we have discussed common knee injuries along with their causes or symptoms. You can get an idea of how knee braces work and what you should know before buying the best knee supports to help manage your knee pain quickly. So, let’s begin here;

Common knee injuries

The most common knee-related injuries are included knee sprain, knee strain, knee bursitis, meniscus tear, knee joint dislocation, knee fractures, and others. The leading causes of these injuries may depend upon the situation. However, the common causes may include external forces, such as twisting or bending force, overuse, or repetitive movements. Remember that the symptoms of a particular knee injury may be different.

However, the common symptoms of knee injury may include knee pain, swelling around the knee joint, redness, heat sensation, tenderness, difficulty bending the knee, the inability to bear weight, bruising, and popping & clicking sounds. You need to consult your GP immediately and start treating the symptoms whenever you feel such symptoms. Remember that when ignored, the mild symptoms may lead to chronic disease.

Mild to moderate symptoms may heal on their own or with a little medical attention. However, severe conditions may require serious medical attention and take several months to heal properly.

How do knee braces work for knee pain?

Our knee joint comprises muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilages, and bones. The knee joint can carry weight with a considerable range of motion. However, the knee structure can be damaged or dislocated due to several reasons. Wearing knee support is considered the best tool to help relieve pain.

However, knee braces are designed in different forms based on their level of support and functionality. Some braces are particularly designed to help prevent knee injuries during sports and other athletic or workout routines. However, other knee braces are designed to help manage pain and improve the healing process after a knee injury.

How to choose the best knee braces?

Choosing the right product according to your injuries guarantees the maximum benefits or results. You need to consider the following things before choosing the best knee supports to help manage your knee problems.

  1. Material

Following are the different types of materials used to design knee braces:

  • Neoprene: Neoprene material is a waterproof material that comes with corrosion-resistant properties. The material helps provide warmth and minor support to the affected body areas.
  • Aluminum Alloy: Knee braces designed with metallic materials, such as aluminium alloy, are effective tools. They work quickly and provide constant care. As well as this, the material is affordable and durable.  
  • Bamboo: Knee braces designed with bamboo charcoal material are good in absorbing odour, moisture, and harmful toxins. The material is durable and easily washable with machine wash.  
  • Nylon: Nylon material is durable, light-weighted, and waterproof material. However, the knee braces designed with nylon fabric or material are comfortable to wear and easy to wash.
  • Spandex: The material comes with large elongation and good shapes with no wrinkles. The knee braces designed with spandex material are elastic, acid-resistant and alkaline resistant. As well as this, the material is durable and comfortable.
  1. Size

The size of a knee brace does also matter when choosing the best knee brace. Ensure that your knee braces are not tight enough to restrict blood circulation. At the same time, they should not lose enough to irritate skin or create other skin problems. However, they should be snug enough to provide needed compressions to the affected areas, helping promote healing. If you are unable to choose the best size, you should take help from experts to get the maximum benefits of wearing knee braces.

  1. Types

Knee braces are designed in different types according to the different conditions or injuries. the following are the common types of knee braces:

  • Standard knee braces: Open patella adjustable knee braces help provide mild to moderate support. They are recommended to wear to manage tendonitis and arthritis pain. Moreover, you can also wear them during sports and other workouts.
  • Hinged knee braces: Open patella adjustable knee braces help provide moderate to maximum support. They are recommended to wear for ACL injuries, MCL injuries, and meniscus tears.
  • ROM knee braces: These are open patella adjustable knee braces that work to provide maximum compression to the injured area. They are recommended to wear for ACL injury, MCL injury, or after surgery.
  • Patella straps: These are patellar adjustable knee braces that help provide mild to medium support to your knees. These braces are recommended to wear for several conditions, including tendinitis, chondromalacia, and running.
  • Standard patella straps: Standard patella straps are patellar adjustable knee braces used to get mild to medium supports. They are the best tools to help manage osteoarthritis. As well as this, they can also be used for walking or hiking.
  • Knee sleeves: These are compression support sleeves that provide a mild support level to the injured areas. They help manage the conditions like arthritis, compression, and sprains.
  • Knee ice wraps: They are adjustable wraps that can wrap around the knees. They help provide mild support to the injured areas. They are recommended to wear for ice and heat relief.

How long should I wear knee braces

The duration of wearing knee supports depends upon the condition you want to wear them. For example, if you need to wear the knee supports, braces, or sleeves to support your knees during sports or other workouts or athletic activities, you may wear them throughout your session. On the other hand, if you want to wear knee braces to speed up the recovery process after a knee injury or surgery, you need to wear them under your healthcare provider’s instructions.

Buy the best knee braces 

Knee braces can be used for a variety of conditions. For example, they help prevent injuries during sports and other workouts or athletic activities. Indeed, these knee braces are effective, but they only offer maximum benefits when you wear them accordingly. It is advisable to consult your healthcare advisors or professional trainers to choose the best knee braces accordingly. At 360 relief, we provide you with a range of knee braces to help manage many knee conditions.


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