12 Best Crossbody Bags for Women You Can Buy On A Budget

12 Best Crossbody Bags for Women You Can Buy On A Budget

Crossbody bags are the perfect companion for busy women. A crossbody bag is a small handbag worn on one shoulder and across the body, usually with the strap crossing in front of your torso.

Crossbody bags for women have many benefits, including keeping your hands free while you remain chic. They are smaller than a tote bag, which makes them convenient for carrying essentials like keys, cell phones, credit cards, lipstick, ID card, and money.

You’ll love crossbody bags if you love being organized and hate having a messy handbag. These bags are super practical because they free up your hands while keeping all your valuables safe.

Here is our top 10 list of best Crossbody Bags for women you can buy on a Budget

  1. The Sydney Crossbody Bag ($168)

Suppose you want a distinctive hue that will still be neutral enough to match anything in your closet. In that case, marigold yellow is a terrific choice. Thanks to the handy magnetic closure, you’ll appreciate how simple it is to open and close when you’re on the go.

  1. Mini System Tote($228)

This extremely flexible (and sustainably produced) crossbody is stylish without being over the top. High-quality components were used to create a clear leather casing. Use the tote’s strong straps to hold it in place, or invest in the pebble leather strap add-on to make it the hands-free crossbody of your dreams.

  1. Microfiber Carson Crossbody Purse($62)

Vera Bradley’s sleek black crossbody is constructed of the company’s trademark microfiber fabric. Still, you’d never know it from the way it appears. Some reviewers even claim to have washed it in ordinary laundry, so you can be sure it will last you for a while. It stores more than it appears to be able to because of the zippers and several compartments on the inside and exterior, plus the color will match anything in your closet.

  1. Chain Tote Crossbody($107)

People who prefer tote bags may find switching to a crossbody difficult. But with Rebecca Minkoff’s gorgeous (fake!) snakeskin, you don’t have to decide. It is two-in-one because of its stylish detachable chain strap.

  1. Handmade Wicker Woven Crossbody Bag($40)

Come on. Whether going on spring break or to margarita happy hour after work, this one screams beach vacation. This is a lovely present as well because of the handcrafted wicker.

  1. Festival Crossbody Bag($25)

Adidas’ crossbody is an excellent option if you want a sporty look. Next time you’re out doing errands, take it with you for a walk, on your way to spin class, or just for a stylish athleisure style.

  1. Sling Crossbody Bag($48)

The crossbody from Lululemon is so adorable that you might want to take it with you on your next GNO. It is designed with the company’s renowned water-repellent fabric, making it equally practical for your travel and trekking endeavors. You may store things like your keys or passport in the safe inner mesh pocket.

  1. Dome Crossbody Bag($21)

With over 17,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, you can trust that this vegan leather crossbody is authentic. People who don’t like packing light will appreciate this $20 crossbody purse because it is roomier than other crossbody bags. And it comes in 41 different hues!

  1. Crossbody Phone Bag($19)

The perfect bag for minimalists who only need to carry their phone and headphones while leaving the house would love this. Including a couple of interior zippers to keep things tidy. The lovely shade of pastel blue is currently quite popular.

  1. Duffle Bag($33)

The duffel from Bagsmart is unquestionably on the bigger end of the crossbody bag size scale, making it the ideal carry-on luggage or workout bag. It even has a yoga mat clasp and a slit that can be used to wrap over a suitcase’s handles. It’s a terrific bargain for only $40.

  1. Crossbody Shimmy Glitter($128)

This bag is a beautiful present for your girlfriend or best friend who likes glitter because Kate Spade produces some of the most recognizable accessories. It has a shiny leather strap and is coated with rose gold glitter.

  1. Straw Crossbody Bag($19)

A friend’s beachy straw bag is perfect for travel and features a detachable strap that may be used as a wristlet. It’s the simplest way to spice up any of your beach-inspired OOTDs.


The best thing about crossbody bags for women is that they’re very functional. The straps are wide enough to fit your shoulder comfortably, and they can also be adjusted to sit on your hip if you want to keep your hands’ free while walking or traveling. The pockets on crossbody bags are also very convenient.

Getting a handbag should need the same scrutiny as a pair of jeans, because getting one that is just chic isn’t always going to be enough. You need a handbag that will be just as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. And should therefore be used with or without an additional backpack when you’re out on errands. For such usage, a crossbody bag would be ideal. Cross body bags for women are getting more and more popular, even among fashion circles.

They’re big enough to carry a wallet, cell phone, keys, and other travel-sized items. Plus, they’re positioned so you can quickly get to your items without taking the bag off. The zipper of crossbody bags also makes them very functional – it keeps your things secure and allows easy access. If you like to travel light, you can put some of your heavier items, like your laptop, in the zipper compartment. I hope this article helped and you had fun reading it.


Amelia Mason