What is teriyaki sauce
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What is teriyaki sauce

Online Teriyaki (Japanese: カシス, Hepburn: Kashi?), also known as yakinori in Japanese cuisine, is a Japanese marinade and cooking sauce made with soy sauce, sugar, mirin and sometimes ketchup. There are many different types of teriyaki sauces available in supermarkets today. Although they may vary slightly in their ingredients and flavors, most teriyakis have the same base of soy sauce, sugar and mirin.

Health benefits of teriyaki sauce

– Aids in digestion – One of the most common health benefits of teriyaki sauce is that it aids in digestion. This is mainly because mirin and soy sauce are known to aid in digestion and also promote healthy bowel movement. They also contain proteins which aid in the formation of healthy bacteria in our digestive system.
– Promotes healthy teeth
– The high presence of minerals, vitamins and B2 in teriyaki sauce is good for your teeth. – Improves blood flow
– Healthy blood flow is one of the main goals of any health conscious individual. Healthy blood flow is achieved due to the presence of vitamins and minerals in teriyaki sauce.
– Improves brain function – The high amount of amino acids present in teriyaki sauce is good for your brain. This is one of the main reasons why teriyaki sauce is used in many Asian dishes.

Different types of teriyaki sauce

– Soy sauce teriyaki sauce – Soy sauce teriyaki sauce is the most common type of teriyaki sauce found in Asian grocery stores. With soy sauce teriyaki sauce, you can achieve a simple and good taste teriyaki sauce at home.
– Sweet mirin teriyaki sauce – Sweet mirin teriyaki sauce is a great blend of soy sauce and mirin. It is sweeter than soy sauce teriyaki sauce and easily available in Asian grocery stores. Sweet mirin teriyaki sauce is ideal when you want something that is less salty.
– Spicy miso teriyaki sauce – Spicy miso teriyaki sauce comes with a combination of soy sauce, mirin and miso.
– Ginger teriyaki sauce – Made from fresh ginger and soy sauce.


Teriyaki sauce is a delicious blend of soy sauce, mirin and ketchup. It can be used to make Japanese-style grilled dishes. You can use teriyaki sauce when you are making Japanese-style food as it has a rich taste. Now that you know how to make teriyaki sauce, why don’t you try out these recipes

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