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Why You Should Be Using Human Hair Clip-ins

Human hair clip-ins are a great option if you want to add length, volume, and thickness to your hair. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths flying around regarding human hair extensions. If you’re looking for something that will give you the style and look that you want, but don’t know what type of extension is best for you, take a look at this article!

1. Human Hair Clip-ins Are One of the Most Popular Types of Human Hair Extensions

Human hair clip-in extensions can be some of the most versatile types of hair extensions available today. Clip-ins are one of the most popular types of hair extensions because they are quick and easy to use. Unlike other types of hair extensions, clip-ins can be clipped in and removed in just a few minutes. They are also easily customizable. There are a few key features that make clip-ins a great option for people who have naturally long or thick hair. These features include:

Although it may be tempting to try to fake a natural curly or wavy hairstyle, you shouldn’t do it. Bringing your natural curls or waves to life while trying to contour or dimension your natural curls is not the best way to go. Instead, you want to treat your hair like it’s straight or wavy, add thickness and definition, and give it a fuller look.

Contrary to popular belief, straight hair can come in many different styles and textures. If you have straight hair and want more volume and thickness, try short styling techniques like super voluminous waves. If you want less volume and thickness, try coils and pompoms. If you want to keep your hair curly but without any other unwanted growth, invest in coils or buns.

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2. Human Hair Clip-ins Are Easy to Put in and Take Out and They Don’t Damage Your Hair

The first thing to look for in a human hair clip-in is that it is made from 100% human hair because not all clip-ins are created equal. Some are made with synthetic fibres and these are not the same high-quality fibres that human hair is made from. Additionally, the type of hair used can make a huge difference in how soft and comfortable your extensions look as well.

Most clip-ins use silicone or a silicone-based adhesive. Filaments of silicone are mixed with a resin; these adhesive materials are typically cheaper and easier to use. However, the type and strength of the adhesive also have a great impact on how strong your hair extension will be when you apply it to your head.

Extensions made from filaments are more hygienic and tend to hold their shape better when being worn.

Filament extenders are comfortable to wear for several minutes because the mesh is quite stretchy and helps distribute the burden. The collection doesn’t have to be super-efficient, as most filaments are made with a very thin adhesive layer. Therefore, they do not dig into your scalp. The adhesive is typically thread or needle-like, so it is slow-dissolving and must be reapplied frequently.

Softer hairstyles such as natural wavy curls and twists may not work as well with filaments because there is more movement involved in applying them. Furthermore, if you have any wavy hair at all, this type of extension might not be the best choice for you. In addition, filaments tend to crack in more places than other types of extensions because they’re not as durable.

3. Clip-in Hair Extensions Last Much Longer (Up to Several Months) Than Other Extensions

A lot of people think that clip-in hair extensions are less expensive than the other options because they’re so easy to use. But the reality is that clip-in extensions aren’t cheaper than other types of extensions. What makes Clip In Human Hair Extensions more expensive is that they last much longer than other types of extensions.

Another trendy hair extension choice is to use natural fibre hair. By using natural materials for extensions, you’re not damaging your hair and using harsh chemicals. Natural hair extensions tend to feel softer on the head. Because natural fibres are the same fibres used to make hairbands, these materials don’t have the same abrasion or finger loop issues as other synthetic materials. This means that natural hair extensions tend to last much longer and fadeless.

Another popular myth is that natural materials will give you a frizzy, messy, or uneven look. But in reality, natural materials are meant to help give your hair structure. Hair extensions only take away from your existing texture and don’t give you natural volume, a volume that your hair has naturally.

4. Clip-in Human Hair Extensions Clip Right in and Blend Perfectly With Your Hair

Clip-in hair extensions are a quick and easy way to change up your look without going through the hassle of getting new extensions or having to dye your hair. They’re meant to blend seamlessly with your hair and are a great way to experiment with different looks or new hair colours. They can be removed easily with a heat gun, or by squeezing out the excess.

They do wear out over time, however, so plan your hair extensions to last a while. Also, make sure you get one that’s labelled natural. We all know that buying natural hair extensions can help us feel more comfortable about our hair, which — when we start to get comfortable with our altered looks — can lead to reclaimed confidence!


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