Why Ukraine VPS Server Might Be a Correct Choice for You–Onlive Server
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Why Ukraine VPS Server Might Be a Correct Choice for You–Onlive Server

Many people who want to start their businesses frequently use Ukraine VPS Server. The most affordable and adaptable Ukraine VPS server plans are now available from Onlive Server. We provide cheap Linux and Windows hosting services that let you create your website or operate an online business. The flexibility of a dedicated server offers the most acceptable speed and dependability you can get from a shared hosting option.

Best Cheap VPS Hosting provider

We offer our clients versatile and reasonably priced virtual private server (VPS) services. Our affordable VPS hosting offers a range of features and advantages appropriate for corporate and personal use.

Our primary, business, and premium hosting plans are available at varying price points. Our inexpensive VPS hosting plans include:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and disc space.
  • All the cloudiness software.
  • Low pricing.

Our budget-friendly VPS plans include free domain registration, unlimited disc space and bandwidth, 24/7 customer support, and much more. So, if you’re seeking a trustworthy web host that provides top-notch services at reasonable costs, a Server will be the best option.

Benefits of KVM VPS Server

An external supplier manages and operates a virtual private server (VPS), a cloud computing service.

Users of Ukraine VPS Servers can profit from Onlive Server in several ways, such as

Free domain name registration: Your domain name is free when you sign up for a Server. This implies you can host any website on your Server, including your website or blog.

Free email address: You will receive a free email account as part of the deal when you use the Onlive Server web hosting service. You can use Gmail or any other email provider through our servers without incurring additional fees.

Unlimited bandwidth

There are no restrictions on how much traffic you can transmit through our servers because the bandwidth is unlimited. You can add more storage if you require additional room for huge files or video streaming.


It provides the ideal performance level for your company. We have high-performance servers in the Philippines and Ukraine. They put some to the test by our professionals, and we are convinced they will work well for you.

SSD VPS is a good choice

For those seeking the fastest performance possible, SSD VPS is a good option. Because it doesn’t keep user information on the Server, it also provides better security and privacy. we keep all files on an SSD VPS server on solid-state discs (SSD) instead of conventional hard drives. Since the system has no moving parts, it is highly dependable and secure. Compared to traditional hard drives, SSDs use less energy and last longer. This results in decreased operating costs for your VPS server.

Linux VPS Hosting offers

One of the top providers of VPS hosting. The company has over seven years of experience in the hosting business, which speaks volumes about its dependability and client service. They provide a variety of Linux VPS Hosting plans that are very cost-effective and appropriate for many types of enterprises.

They give discounts at specific year periods, and their pricing is fair. The most recent technology offers exceptional performance, making it perfect for companies who need top-notch hosting services with high uptime supported by their servers.

Some features of Windows VPS Server:

Multiple Applications: The ability to run many apps simultaneously is this kind of Server’s essential characteristic. You can build several servers for banking, graphics, photography, music, and so forth.

Easy to Manage: You can easily administer your virtual private Server with an intuitive management interface. It features a built-in security mechanism that shields your data from risks like hackers.

High Performance: This virtual private Server employs different CPUs and RAM to perform well for all applications operating on it, in contrast to other virtual private servers that only use one application at a time.

Multiple Sites Available

This hosting enables you to host many sites on a single server, saving you the expense of buying multiple servers if you want to host over one place on a single server.

Fast servers: Onlive Server makes use of fast, high-performing servers. We provided them with solid hardware that enables them to offer top-notch services. You won’t notice any lags or delays while using the internet. Here are some advantages of choosing Ukraine VPS hosting:

24/7 customer service: You may instantly contact them through their support team if you have any inquiries or run into problems with your Server because it offers its customers 24/7 customer service. This guarantees that you will always receive a prompt response when you need one.

Easy setup process

The ideal alternative if you’re seeking a simple setup procedure is Server because they provide a quick and straightforward method of setting up your virtual private Server. Thanks to this, anyone who wants to build up their website or network at a low cost can do it quickly.


If you wish to host your website or if you need to build a new website, you can select the Cheap VPS Server. Onlive Server offers a selection of hosting plans and cost-effective hosting services that are safe and dependable.


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