What Is Home Automation and How Does it Work?
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What Is Home Automation and How Does it Work?

Technology is growing very fast, people started to automate each and everything to make their work easy. Many of the construction in B-17 Islamabad‘s main focus is automated buildings. They are building projects with the feature of home automation to facilitate their residents.

Home automation means, you can control the home devices by sitting anywhere through the mobile devices. The term used for these devices is isolated programmable devices such as sprinkler systems, smart thermostats, heating, and cooling systems, smart appliances, and smart lighting systems.  

These automated systems are best from the security point of view, this can include your locks, door windows, CCTV Cameras, motion sensors, and many others that are linked with the alarm system. In the early times, when automated buildings are started to build, they were just in expensive homes and construction buildings.

And these devices were accessible just within the building and nearby. But now, home automation is common, it involves the monitoring and scheduling functions of the devices and can be accessed from anywhere you are. Luxury apartments for sale in B-17 Islamabad are available, those implement the concept of smart building to save energy resources.

What kinds of things can be part of a home automation system?

Home automation includes all of your devices that are connected to the internet network. This concept is very common nowadays and also helps people to save energy and money by reducing the number of bills. You can switch on and off the devices when you forgot to turn them off when you are far from the home.

If you’re coming back from the office after a tiring and hot day and you need your room cool and chill. Then, from your mobile phone, you can turn on Your AC or chillers, same if you need to heat the water for bathing you can turn on the geyser. One more famous technique uses to automate the home is switching on& off the lights according to the movement of the human body. Different motion sensors and distance sensors are used for this.

The sensors are used to take the input, process the signal, and then perform the operation. Nowadays home automation is about monitoring and programming the dedicated device in the home when you’re far from the home using a simple interface application that is user-friendly and easy to access from a smartphone or mobile phone.

Smart Devices

Researchers work a lot in this field and give innovative ideas to manufacturers. The manufacturer made a variety of smart devices with remarkable features, in a few devices there is also some kind of integration with the other devices required. The manufacturer provides different ideas to connect or control the devices. Each device has a user manual with it.

So, if you have a coffee maker, washing machine, TV set, thermostat, refrigerator, and only other devices that can be connected to the internet then your daily life tasks are easy to do and also save money. Although the automated devices are costly it is a one-time investment and saves monthly expense.

As we are looking the rate of electricity is rising day by day due to its excess use. Many of the huge commercial and residential buildings have a centralized billing system. Even you’re in the apartment or not, you have to pay the bill for the AC and the geyser will remain ON.

Just only one unique project in the B-17 Islamabad is the “Cloud Tower-1” introduced by “The Cloud Services”. It’s a 27-floor residential building having 352 total apartments which include studio, 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed, penthouses, and duplex apartments. Each apartment has its electricity meter, and automating the building provides an ease to the residents. For more information visit: www.cloudtower1.com.pk

To keep you safe and comfortable smart devices play an important role. In the coming future, home automation will become common and the system is going to be used at every shop, and home and provide a safe environment to the ones to connect all the home devices. Video camera installations help collect real-time data from any place.

Energy efficiency

When the earth was created, at that time energy is fed into it. And now science is also proving that they can not create energy, and no one can. It only changes its forms from light to heat, heat to mechanical, mechanical to electrical, and many more. Now the thing comes into mind, the people say due to shortage of energy the rates are high.

It is wrong, energy is the same, just its utilization is increased due to which the present energy is not enough to fulfill the requirement because of its misuse. The main shortage of natural resources is the lack of water, which generates electricity. So, to save all these energy resources, it is obligatory to use the devices and implement the energy-efficient solution to save the resources.  

In the field of construction, building homes or apartments with energy-efficient solutions are major concern nowadays. The Cloud Services not only build or sell houses or apartments, but it also takes care of people’s safety, security and relaxation. For that purpose, they are promising to build an energy-efficient building with rainwater and daylight harvesting to utilize the energy-efficient way and keep the environment around them clean and green


In our hectic routine, we always forgot to switch off the running devices in our homes. The home automation system helps us to automate them from anywhere we are, it makes the work easier for us.

No doubt due to this automated system, man becomes lazy and wants everything to be automized. But correctly use the resources, and utilize your time in other healthy activities.

Don’t just lie on your couch or sit on your seat. Have some exercise and use your mind in positive things.  If you need to know more about home automation systems and want to buy an automated house or apartment so feel free to contact us. 

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