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Your kidney works constantly to separate the waste from the blood in the form of urine. The urine then moves towards the urinary tract which is an organs group working together to sewer urine from the body. In the form of urine the kidney throws out waste from our body. Urinary tracts develop cells for processing and transporting the urine. But sometimes, something can go wrong. Mutation- a change in DNA can cause abnormal cells to develop with the urinary tract hence, setting up cancer tumors.

What is Urology Cancer?

Fast & abnormal cell growth results in cancer. Urology cancer affects the organs of the female and male urinary systems. This cancer is commonly found. Urology cancer doctor in Jaipur addresses many features of urology cancer. 

Various Types of Urology Cancers

There are various types of urology cancer that are discussed below:-

  • Renal or kidney cancer:-It forms in tiny tubes that clean kidney’s blood. In disease form Renal pelvis cancer is rare. It is caused in that part of the kidney which connects to the bladder. Urology doctor in Jaipur diagnose thousands of renal pelvis cancer cases each year.</span
  • Bladder cancer:- It affects the urinary bladder cells which is the tiny sac that gathers urine to drain out. .
  • Testicular cancer:- It forms in testis & only 1% or men will have this cancer. 
  •  Urethral cancer:-It is caused in urethra. It is a tube that controls urine to the outside body from the bladder. The urethra goes from penis in men and also bears semen. This can is very rare and often seen in men more than women.
  • Penile cancer:- This cancer is rare. It mainly affects the male reproductive part (penis) which is the urinary system in males.

Symptoms of Urology Cancer And Its Treatment By Urology Cancer Doctor in Jaipur

Many times no symptoms are seen till the time cancer becomes worse. After that, it depends on the cancer type. If there is blood in the urine it is the symptom of prostate, kidney, and bladder cancer and later develop pelvic & back pain. The person who is suffering from prostate cancer notices changes in urination & sexual function.

Patients who are suffering from penile or testicular cancer might notice some visible wound on the skin along with some changes like swelling. Cancer patients can also experience fatigue and weight loss. Go for the best urology cancer doctor in Jaipur for the urology cancer treatment.

How do Urology Cancer Doctor in Jaipur Treat Urology Cancer?

There are several factors on which urology cancer treatment depends like stage and grade of tumor and the preference of the patient. Common options comprise radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery. To boost up the immune system patients receive immunotherapy that helps them in fighting disease. In case a particular portion of the bladder is removed by a urology cancer doctor in Jaipur they create another route to drain out urine.

If one kidney is removed from the two this does not derange urologic function. As prostate cancer is mainly caused by old adults, urology cancer doctors in Jaipur may suggest a strategy known as active surveillance. In this, they continuously observe the patient and give him treatment only when the cancer is in the progressive stage. By using this strategy they can preserve their quality of life.


The decision for surgery you have to take very carefully after consulting with your doctor. You can go for urology cancer treatment with the best urology cancer doctor in Jaipur to overcome your problem as soon as possible with the help of proper treatment.



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