Urban decor: Top 5 essential elements
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Urban decor: Top 5 essential elements

Urban deco is the trendy side of the biggest cities around the world. An artistic and trendy look for a friendly and sought-after space. Discover our essentials to adopt for this urban decoration.

The urban deco style

Urban decor is often associated with the industrial style. But not only! Admittedly, industrial codes are frequently present, but with a mix of current trends. A touch of art deco, vintage and vintage pop art and design elements invite themselves into your urban decor. The ultimate goal of trendy city decoration is to have an offbeat and strong look that can be found in the fashionable neighborhoods of the biggest cities in the world. The trendiest restaurants and bars, shops and concept stores are recognizable by a unique and ultra-Instagramable decor.

Discover the essential elements for an ultra urban and creative look in your interior.

Essential n°1: An urban decoration in a raw space

Obviously, an urban decor is in place in any interior, but raw elements bring authenticity. Imagine hip neighborhoods with big lofts, skylights, and exposed brickwork. Polished concrete is also an ideal floor covering for urban decoration.

We find this style of interior in many big cities, where warehouses can be transformed into a living space: in Berlin, Bangkok, Melbourne, or Seoul among many others.

To create this raw and industrial setting that we find in a capital, you can integrate a few elements into your home. Opt for a fairly sober palette first : gray, black, brown ocher and white. A bit of beige if you want a softer vibe.

On this simple and sober backdrop, you can add color if you wish. More lively or very pop elements to bring life is an offbeat side. Green on the coast at the moment, a dark green or duck blue on a wall immediately gives depth and chic. Otherwise, you can opt for more lively touches : candy pink, sky blue or taxi yellow for a very sharp look. You can paint an entire wall or draw circles or arches on it for a contrasting arty look.

– Various raw materials and elements –

In terms of materials, opt for authentic elements. The metal, for example, can be on a canopy, a TV cabinet or a suspension. The concrete will be perfect on the ground, but also as a coffee table or a cachepot. Use some leather items like an armchair for example. Wood is obviously a must, for the furniture, the table, the seats… It warms the room and brings a friendly touch! Browse models right here.

Cork, rattan or hessian elements are also welcome. The diversification of materials brings cachet to interior decoration and breaks the monotony. Glass and plastic will bring a pop touch that will modernize the space. A large mirror, as simple as possible, will bring light to the room.

Essential n°2: The play of lights in an urban deco style

Light is important in all decorations, but for an urban style, it is essential. At night, all the big cities light up with luminous panels, signs and other well-studied and varied lighting.

Luminous elements are everywhere in town, so it is necessary to find them in your urban decor. First, allow daylight to enter through large openings, few partitions or skylights. Then opt for warm lighting with large contemporary pendant lights. Contrast by hanging a few wired bulbs for a trendy industrial look.

Then, play with trendy light elements, the top being neon lights. Very trendy, neon writings personalize your interior. You can also opt for neon tubes, colored or not, which will go perfectly in an office or a teenager’s room. LEDs , used sparingly, can also produce a nice effect. Behind a piece of furniture or a painting to bring light and depth for example.

Essential n°3: Art in all its forms for an urban decoration

– A rather artistic style like in the museum? –

Art is very present in cities, through museums, architecture , performance halls… Another form of art represents urban style: street art! So for a really trendy urban look, don’t hesitate to have graffiti painted directly on your wall, if you are the owner of course. This will give an original look to your room.

Posters are also an integral part of urban decoration. They bring color and art to the streets. Place a large poster of your favorite concert or an exhibition that marked you for a wall that looks like you. For a vintage touch, old advertising plates will add character.

Like a museum, you can also create a frame wall. Artist’s gallery spirit, display the reproductions you like or your own creations for an artistic and eclectic look.

– Or the friendly atmosphere of a trendy bar? –

If you like to go out on the town to bars and restaurants and enjoy decorating them, you can opt for a similar look, ideal for the dining room or kitchen. Then display stylized cocktail menus, artistic food posters or coffee prices for a trendy coffee shop look.

Use open shelving to display your dishes and glasses. A bar will obviously be perfect for creating a friendly atmosphere in the kitchen or living room with accessories such as a pretty table lamp.

Plants are very present in trendy cafes, bars and restaurants. You can choose a green wall for an urban jungle atmosphere, or cacti and hanging plants for a bohemian city look.

Essential n°4: urban elements

To finalize your city decor, think about purely urban elements: transport such as the metro, signage and architecture.

Display a map of the city in your entrance and opt for metro tiling in the sanitary facilities, for example. A great city photo can also add an urban touch. A floor lamp-style sconce or a stylized floor with geometric floor tiles will set the tone.

Urban decor: The contrast of design and vintage

In short, to adopt an urban style in your interior, you need unique elements. Mix elements that you have hunted, recovered or upcycled. Create yourself, transform, divert objects from the city into decorative elements. Vintage will bring history to your space and lend authenticity to industrial elements.

To modernize the look of your room, opt for some very design elements. This vintage and design combo is the trendiest and the one that brings the most balance to the decor. A large light fixture, armchair or other strong piece will elevate your decor.

Don’t forget to bring an arty touch, with a pop color that clashes to bring life to your interior. Your room will be convivial and above all in your image, ready to welcome family and friends, or to relax with good music and a coffee worthy of the greatest baristas. With the urban look, the city is at your feet.


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