Tourism Agencies and Surety Insurance
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Tourism Agencies and Surety Insurance

We are about to enter the first half of February and this summer in they are leaving us a lot of data on how to cover ourselves against the responsibility of owning SMEs related to tourist services, where we have to take care of the client in the same way that we take care of our heritage.

  • From the side of the Tourism Agency we must know:

When travel agencies have the “National Certificate of Authorization for Tourism Agencies”, which enter into contracts with more than two months before the start of the trip, they must prove the contracting of a surety insurance; and / or bank guarantee from a competent entity to cover the guarantee of the fulfillment of the contract, for a sum of money equivalent to 30% of the total amount of the trip contracted for each contingent, this also applies to student trips.

  • From the consumer side we can inform ourselves:

How many times we have bad experience as service takers that do not comply with the agreement, to avoid these situations we can consult the list of Authorized Agencies throughout the country on the page of the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation and download the Certificate of License Current Online Agency that we are going to choose for our next trip.


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