Incorporate Tribal Pattern Rugs in Your Home Decor
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10 Ways to Incorporate Tribal Pattern Rugs in Your Home Decor

Tribal patterns are a unique and beautiful way to add some color and life to your home decor. They are colorful and vibrant. A rug with tribal patterns helps to add warmth and coziness to your home. They can be used in any room of the house. A tribal pattern rug is a great way to add the world’s beauty around us into our homes. With so many attractive options available, there’s no limit to what you can do with your space. The best part about these rugs? They’re not just for decoration! You can use them as flooring in areas that need extra warmth and coziness, such as living rooms or bedrooms. Not only does this bring comfort and style to your home, but it also saves money on heating costs! If you want to start decorating with one of these great pieces, here are some tips: 

The Beauty of Bold Patterns

Most of the rugs crafted with tribal patterns are made using bright colors and bold, unique designs. If you are confused about your decor, this is a great starting point! Invest in the best oriental rugs that you can afford, and then set the tone for your room. These rugs are incredible for mixing and matching with other types of decor. For example, you can go bold by adding a neon pink or orange rug to your room! Or, if that’s not your style, try something more traditional like reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks. The designs are rich in color and will help set the tone for your space.

The Rug as the Focal Point

You may want to feature one area rug as the focal point of your room. Use this rug to bring out the colors in whatever piece you are trying to showcase, whether an oversized statement chair or an intricately designed coffee table. The rest of your decor will be built around the color palette and style created by using one tribal patterned rug. This works incredibly well if you are using one that is rectangular or square. They make the perfect backdrop for a larger piece of furniture.

Square Rugs with Other Design Elements

If you use multiple area rugs in your space, you can play up the tribal pattern by choosing a square or rectangular one. This will create an attractive floor design when layered over another rug, whether round rugs, oval, elliptical, or rectangular. You can create a bold design, with the tribal pattern rug as your primary focus or one that is more subtle by matching it up to another type of print. If you are tight on space or have an area where there isn’t much room to work, consider using square rugs to make a design statement.

Don’t Forget About the Walls.

Tribal pattern rugs can also be used on walls in your home decor, whether you use them as tapestries or hang them vertically or horizontally. Just like with square area rugs, this will create texture within your space and bring a new layer of interest into the room. You may also suspend them as a frieze just above your sofa or bed headboard, for example, to create an intimate atmosphere in your bedroom and, at the same time, add a bohemian feel. This is especially popular among people who have restricted space for their rooms but desire a unique vibe. You can also bring this bohemian feel into your interior design, incorporating these gorgeous prints into your living room or bedroom décor.

The Rug as the Accent

If your taste leans more towards “look but doesn’t touch,” then try showcasing several area rugs in your home decor. These smaller-sized accent pieces work well on their own, especially when they match perfectly with other elements like upholstery colors and flooring materials. If you want to decorate with a tribal pattern, look for ones inspired by natural elements like leaves and flowers. You can also choose geometric rugs which match well with modern decorating styles. Make sure the colors blend well within your existing color scheme. If it doesn’t stand out too much or clash horribly with other items, then it’s not an excellent choice for your home decor.

Combine Colors with Care

If you want to add a tribal pattern rug in more than one area of your home, make sure to think about color coordination! Using similar colors will allow the rugs to blend into each other while contrasting shades create a stark contrast between them. The tribal design’s color palette is vibrant, so mix and match with care! These rugs are your chance to play with colors, so have fun. The hues are so intermingled and complex that you can use them to create a unique feel in your room. You don’t have to settle for the traditional decorating rules of matching or contrasting colors with ethnic rugs, as there is no such thing! However, to make sure they stand out, avoid using too many bright shades together unless it’s an intentional clash.

Mix it With Artwork and Decorative Pieces

One great way to use a tribal pattern rug in your home decor is an accent piece for art or other decorative items you already own! The designs blend well together, especially when placed next to each other like they were meant to be. The tribal pattern rug can be the focal point of your room, while these different pieces are used to provide balance and accentuate it.

Mix and Match Designs for a Unique Look

When you can’t find two rugs with the same design, don’t worry about it! Try mixing and matching different designs instead to make an even more unique piece that will add color to your home decor. However, if you want them placed side by side, ensure they have enough contrast in their colors or patterns not to create a confused look.

Go for a Modern Look

Tribal pattern rugs are perfect if you want to create a modern-looking room filled with color and beauty. If you want a truly unique piece for your decor, try mixing two or more rugs to make one cool pattern. The simple placement of tribal pattern rugs can make your room look Beautiful and Unique! Tribal pattern area rugs can turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary. If you want to achieve a unique look for your living room, bedroom, or even entryway, place a tribal pattern area rug to transform the space! If you have an extra-large room and need help breaking it up, try using multiple Tribal Pattern rugs.

The versatile Beauty

Tribal pattern rugs have the potential to be very versatile pieces in any home design. Use them to define a space as an accent piece or the main focal point. Decide your needs before you buy and make sure it will work for whatever area of your home you plan to use it in.

On a Nutshell

Incorporating tribal pattern rugs in your home decor can add a touch of exotic style and drama to any room. With so many unique designs available, it’s easy to find one that suits the needs of your space! Whether you want to bring an element of nature into the room with natural materials or create a luxurious oasis by adding lush silks and velvets, we have something for everyone at RugKnots. Shop our selection today. What is your favorite type of rug?



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