Virtual Reality

The Top Five Uses OF Virtual Reality In Today’s World

Virtual Reality has emerged as one of the top global trends of the technological world. It has immersed users into an enthralling and safe world. However, gaming isn’t the only platform that makes use of VR technology to improve the user experience. Let us look into some other fields which benefit from using Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality in the military

Militaries in the USA and the UK have started using virtual Reality while training soldiers. All three branches of the defence services- navy, arm and air force use Virtual Reality to experience a wide range of simulations. Moreover, VR has proved to be a powerful and effective training method as trainees can be transported to different situations and environments.

The military makes use of the VR for various kinds of simulations, including those of battlefields, medic, vehicles, etc. Virtual Reality helps provide an immersive sound and video-based experience and helps replicate the exact training or combat situations for the trainees. One of the most widely appreciated uses of VR in the military is to treat PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in soldiers.

This is referred to as the VRET or Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy.

Virtual reality use in sports

VR has revolutionised the sporting world and helped players, coaches, and viewers equally. Virtual Reality can help players view certain situations multiple times and hence, improve their game. Moreover, it is also beneficial for injured players as it helps them work on their cognitive abilities by experiencing different scenarios. VR gaming also helps improve the viewer’s experience tremendously by allowing them to stream online games from anywhere in the world.

Virtual reality use in mental health helps treat PTSD in soldiers and other patients. Doctors employ virtual reality therapy to heal patients affected by some traumatic event. Similarly, virtual Reality is useful in treating patients’ anxiety-related disorders, depression, stress, and certain phobias. Virtual reality use in medical training of students.

Medical students all over universities have started using virtual Reality to practice certain surgeries and other types of medical treatments. This allows them to freely practice their skills without fearing any consequences or the threat of practicing on patients. This is also a great method to save costs and develop the required skills. Additionally, virtual Reality also improves the quality of medical training provided to students.

Virtual reality use in the field of education

Many schools have adopted VR technology to impart learning to students. Using virtual Reality, students can experience different environments, take on virtual tours and trips, and go back into the past. Moreover, virtual Reality can be used to help autistic children practice their skills and provide a safe environment.

Virtual Reality and the fashion industry

This is one field where the use of virtual Reality has been fairly hidden. Fashion designers have taken to virtual reality technology to create new designs and products for their audiences. This helps save time and raw materials. World-class brands, such as Coach, Gap, and Tommy Hilfiger, have started using VR technology to design their clothes.

Virtual Reality and the gaming industry-

With time, an increased number of gaming developers have taken an interest in VR games. VR technology helps improve revenue, helps businesses overcome challenges and difficulties, and helps them attract audiences easily. Virtual Reality undoubtedly has acted as a game-changer in the gaming industry and has helped improve the user experience by leaps and bounds.

There are several golf simulator games provided by companies such as Microgravity that help users enjoy the thrill of gaming. VR gaming arenas are another added advantage that has helped revolutionise the world of gaming.


Richa Hasija