How do I start my AdSense earnings?

Applying for Google AdSense is an easy task as well as running ads on your site is not a tough task. But when it comes to earning from AdSense then that might be heartbreaking. Because just with the help of Google AdSense you can not make a lot of money.

In case, you have huge traffic on your site on a daily basis then that is a separate case. Otherwise, no matter how powerful content you are writing you can not earn too much from it. But here in this article, we will cover how you can start earning from Google Adsense. 

  • Google payment system:
  • Banner ads on your webpage:
  • Text ads:
  • Videos ads:
  • Another method to make money from your blog:

Google payment system: 

First getting your payment from Google Adsense you have to make your Google Adsense account. Even with the help of Google AdSense, you apply for monetizing your blog. You share some essential details such as your bank account number. On a monthly basis, Google pays you whatever you have earned throughout the month. And the payment is quite different from Google. 

It means you can earn from CPC or cost per click and Per 1000 impressions. Per 1000 impressions means advertisers will pay Google for showing their ads 1000 times. And if an ad is placed on your website then Google will pay your commission. And the second option is when someone clicks the ads which are placed on the webpage then you will your commission. The rule is simple the more users will come to your website more money you can earn from Google.

Banner ads on your webpage: 

Whenever you visit someone’s website you might find many banner ads on the webpage. An adviser posts their ads on a relevant site and if you click on that banner. The adviser will be get charged for click the ads and the website owner will get paid by Google. Our next option is based on impressions.

You would get paid by Google as well when someone watches the banner on your webpage article.  But of course, the commission would be high on the cost per click system. Or when someone clicks ads that showed on your webpage.

Text ads: 

Basically, these ads also have the shape of image ads. But here you would get some text as well. Or some ads will encourage you to sign up on their website. And those types of ads can help you to make money when some click them. Otherwise, you can not make much money from that kind of ad. 

Videos ads

Like other ads, video ads are the same. In the corner of an article, an adviser’s videos might show. You can also show ads on your site as well after getting monetize your blog. There are several types of ads you can show on a website. And the earning system is slightly different from all of them. 

Another method to make money from your blog:

As we said before with the help of Google Adsense you can not earn a well amount of money. If you have only one source of money which is your blog then the best way to find another method to make money. And for that, you can promote some products in your blog.

If you have the right skill and knowledge then you can ask some brand to promote their product through your blog. With that, you can earn a much higher commission than Google Adsense. And if you are searching for a digital marketing agency in Delhi then you can hire our digital marketing agency. We can ensure you that within two or three months we can provide you a monetized website. With that, you can make money online.


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