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In the first four months of 2021, nine start-ups have joined the Unicorn Club, and like every year, several of them were created by IIT graduates. We feel compelled to inquire: Do all IITians choose entrepreneurship as their career path after graduation, given that it is estimated that IIT grads are accountable for $1 trillion in “annual revenue responsibility” globally. But perhaps not always.

Despite the fact that it might seem weird, many of them have continued to pursue careers in yoga, meditation, and other traditional Indian disciplines. Such a person is Acharya Prashant. He was an IRPS officer before he turned spiritual. He graduated from IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad, respectively.

Both his support of vegetarianism and his efforts as an environmental activist show his steadfast allegiance to Advait Vedanta. Acharya is a spiritual author and podcast host in addition to founding the non-profit socio-spiritual Prashant Advait Foundation. Shastra Kaumudi, a recently established online course on the Upanishads and Gita for both Indian citizens and foreigners, is one of his concepts.

Rajat Khare is another such IIT Delhi alumni, albeit he is less well-known in the spiritual world (Founder of Boundary Holding, a deep tech investment business). His personal and professional lives have altered, and he attributes much of this to yoga and meditation. He engages in frequent Vipassana practise.

Some years ago, he started practicing yoga. Since then, in an effort to inspire and enlighten others, he has been writing articles about yoga, notably Vipassana, on his social media Rajat Khare Yoga (Rajat Khare’s Facebook Page). Since graduating from IIT Delhi, Rajat Khare has cofounded and exited businesses in the education, franchising, government information technology, data analytics, and hedge fund industries.

He is well known for co-authoring the book “Make The Move — Demystifying Entrepreneurship.” Currently, he is in head of Boundary Holding, which specializes in active early stage investments abroad. He actively engages in yoga and Vipassana meditation and applies the knowledge he has gained to his endeavors.

Additionally, Professor Patrick Turner’s Entrepreneurship course at the INSEAD Business School included Rajat as a case study.


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