Starting a Restaurant in Chennai? Check Out These 10 Great Ideas!

Starting a Restaurant in Chennai? Check Out These 10 Great Ideas!

The city of Chennai has a huge variety of restaurants which cater to the specific needs of different people. From wonderful buffets and fine dining to good company with great snacks, everybody enjoys their food differently. One can find anything sweet or savoury in Chennai and become addicted to it. 

But there is always that one thing which makes you feel like “going back to the same place again and again”. That’s right, I’m talking about food! The best south Indian meals in Tamil Nadu are a variety of dosas, idly, sambar, and vada, although the spicy south Indian Biryani consistently wins the competition.

So before you start looking for the office space for rent in chennai to start your business office, here comes my attempt at listing down 10 amazing ideas that can be used if you want to start a restaurant in Chennai.

1. South Indian Dosa/ Udupi Restaurants 

We have a world of food at our disposal, but sometimes, nothing quite satisfies like traditional masala dosa. From well-made idli or vada to an impeccable sambar, Udipi restaurants are perfect for anyone who enjoys South Indian cuisine. 

Available all over India (and many other countries), there are now plenty of Udupi restaurants in Chennai as well!

People’s love for “medu vadas” and “ ghee dosas” has always been the best. So, opening a traditional dosa spot which serves varieties of dosas and hot filter coffee would definitely be a wonderful idea because people would always love to come back to their home food once in a while

2. Tea/ Coffee Shops

People love tea more than anything. Waking up in the morning and drinking an authentic south India flavoured tea or brewed coffee is considered as a way of self-love and happiness. 

There are outlets where you can sell coffee, tea, snacks, and baked goods. Setting up a stall at a flea market and turning it into a food stall is an interesting idea. You could also expand on street stalls that already exist, and provide takeaway items like masala dosas or even some quick snacks like idlis with sambar and chutney in the major places of Chennai.

3. Italian Restaurants 

Opening an Italian cuisine in Chennai is a  guaranteed success because of its rich flavours, rustic vibes, and delectable food. Italian cuisines have stood out as one of the top-rated cuisines for a long time now. 

With the rising trendiness of wood-fired pizza, it is safe to say that Italian restaurants are here to stay. Do a good amount of research and find out how you can open an Italian restaurant successfully. It is important to follow some points while setting up a business such as finding a good location, having great food and effective marketing strategies.

4. Bakeries

Bakeries are one of those timeless, cash-generating concepts people love. If you live anywhere near a university or college town, start here. Catering to parents who need a cake for their child’s party or birthday is always a solid bet. 

In addition to cakes, bread and pies also sell well at bakeries. Don’t forget about bagels, muffins and scones. Also, consider selling coffee drinks you don’t have to roast beans on site; pre-made packets work just fine and candy bars (the chocolate kind). You could even offer catering services if your space allows it.

5. Burger Joints 

Burgers have been all the rage across the world, and there’s no dearth of places which serve delicious burgers. There are several successful burger joints across Chennai. The demand for these restaurants is always huge since people from all age groups visit them.

People love to eat burgers and French fries on a daily basis. Be it a birthday party or a team lunch people always have burger joints in their mind, and if you are able to give some of the best fusion burgers in town with good taste and authenticity, people will definitely love your place. 

6. Ice Cream Parlours

Frozen desserts are undeniably delicious, but there’s a reason why it’s so tempting to stop by an ice cream parlour on a hot summer day. Nothing says summer more than a delicious cone of ice cream. Serving delicious gelato and sherbet, Scoopz offers some delectable flavours that will definitely melt your customer’s heart. 

Try out some of the signature flavours such as caramel vanilla, chocolate bomb, and more that will work in Chennai during summers. Pair up with a scoop of your favourite flavour and something from their wide range of milkshakes. From concoctions like strawberry cheesecake shake and pineapple crush shake, you are sure to find the best business by winning people’s heart

7. Chat Shops

Do you want a beautiful coffee shop with good food, cheap prices, and cool, trendy interiors? 

Then chat shops are just for you. 

Chat shops have become increasingly popular over time, so if you’re looking for a business idea, why not capitalize on their popularity by opening up one of your own? They are perfect for busy people because they offer quick meals like sandwiches, cakes, and tea at reasonable prices. You can even put out some books for customers to read while they eat!

8. Seafood Restaurants 

In a city where every household has one member who loves fish and seafood, there is certainly a need for a seafood lover’s paradise. A seafood restaurant can actually be run from a home with very little investment. 

They don’t require much in terms of infrastructure but ensure you have someone who knows how to cook fish and seafood perfectly! This can be made into a full-fledged business only if you are ready to invest more time and money into it.

Dishes like jumbo prawns, kingfish, and lobsters, if cooked perfectly, have a great chance of impressing your customers and getting them coming back again. This type of restaurant also attracts office workers who are looking for an option other than fast food on their lunch break.

Final Thoughts 

Starting a restaurant in Chennai is an exciting and also scary process. The idea of having your own place to serve food straight to the customer who visits your restaurant excites you, but the fear of failure might slow down the process. It’s okay. If you have a vision, work towards it and find your own ways to get to the top of the game.

Flying with the starry sky above your head and going down fighting alone can be thrilling but a little scary considering the successful outcome of the business.  But all that doesn’t matter because starting a restaurant in Chennai is a noble thing to do! So, go ahead and make a change, the world will definitely look back at you one day.


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