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New Year, New Kitchen? Choose Lucida Laminates For The Best Makeover

New Year happens to be more than just a simple shift to another year. It allows us to be thankful for all that we had last year and hope for better experiences in the upcoming year. However, another exciting aspect of the New Year is the shift that we get motivated to bring into our lives.

Choosing to decorate your kitchen interiors using laminate sheets is the best way to kick start the year. The laminate sheets are quite affordable and can be changed often at your convenience at small intervals. However, it is understandable that only these two features are not enough to make you consider purchasing decorative sheets.

The best makeover for your kitchen would strongly depend upon the company from where you wish to purchase the decorative sheets from. If you choose to avail of the services of reputed and well-reviewed companies, you would be able to provide your kitchen with the best looks. This is why Lucida Laminates is the best option to go for when looking to upgrade the look of your kitchen. Here are a few reasons why.

  1.  High Gloss

One of the most attractive features of Lucida happens to be its high gloss nature. When looking for an effective kitchen makeover, it is crucial to look at the physical aspects first. That is, it is important that you thoroughly make sure that the decorative sheets which you use to upgrade the look of your kitchen are doing the job well.

Lucida is a top-quality product that provides a clean finish upon installation. Hence, if you love cooking and working in a clean environment at the same time – the mirror-like finish of Lucida is the perfect feature for you. The high gloss finishing of Lucida is also available in a variety of choices. Hence, you can choose the sheets which complement your style the most.

  2.  No Stains

One of the main reasons why people are hesitant to give their kitchens a much-needed makeover is the existence of stains. For instance, spilling food on the kitchen surfaces within a week of the makeover of the region can leave stains on the affected area. This does not seem like a pretty picture for anyone.

However, Lucida sets you completely free from this problem. Being stain-resistant, you do not have to live with restrictions or in the constant fear of spoiling the newly furnished surface. You can go about enjoying the looks of your Lucida upgraded kitchen.

  3.  More than Temporary Attraction

One of the main reasons why people wish to provide their kitchens with a makeover or upgrade is that the region has dulled out. The color of the walls and surfaces start fading out, and it seems like it is time to upgrade the region. This is when the Lucida sheets by CenturyLaminates differ from their alternatives in the market.

The Lucida sheets are engineered in such a manner that they do not lose their color anytime soon. Hence, once you get the laminated sheets installed in your kitchen, the only time when you would want to change it would be when you encounter another Lucida design that suits you more.


Apart from all the features mentioned above, Lucida by Century Laminates also possesses many self-developed technologies to ensure consumer safety. The experts at CenturyPly have managed to develop ViroKill, Firewall, and Silver nanotechnology for the ultimate consumer safety.

The New Year represents new beginnings. Hence, many people opt for many changes in their lives to make the upcoming year better than any of the previous ones. With this surge of energy within us, a makeover is essential. And while our physical and mental makeover is crucial, it is also important that we give a makeover to our surroundings as well.

Hence, if you ever had the thought of giving your kitchen a new look with a Decorative laminate as one of the first makeovers of the year-CenturyLaminates is the one-stop destination for you!


Ishita Garg