How to Choose the Best Custom Home in Calgary

How to Choose the Best Custom Home in Calgary

Custom homes are those that allow you 100% control over all the aspects of construction, starting with the design, layout, materials, and finishes. Usually, the best custom home builders Calgary can get started on a piece of land you own. Alternatively, you can also check out the communities where your builder has ongoing and upcoming projects.

If you are buying a home for the first time, with no clue as to where to start, here are some ideas:

Lot Size
There are several types of lots, such as corner lots, pie-shaped lots, walk-in basements, etc. Each lot type has its pros. Depending on your family’s needs – current and future – it is wise to choose a lot that also reflects your style.

For example, if you like a bit of greenery in the front yard and are comfortable with a bit of traffic, corner lots may be perfect. If you have kids that require dedicated play areas, a walk-in lot with ample storage and landscaping areas may be suitable. And suppose you expect a lot of company or like to take in elders, multi-level floor plans and large lots that accommodate extra rooms are preferable.

Not all types of lots are apt for every home style. The architecture is different, and the number of stories, regional building laws, and features you add can vary. For detached single-family models, you should leave specific spaces on either side of the lot.

Whether you want a farmhouse-style home with an outdoor porch or a contemporary model with high-tech amenities, your custom home builder can guide you on the design. Accordingly, you can choose the lot size and location or select the model first and then hunt for the right neighbourhood.

Calgary offers stunning views in its four quadrants. The northwest side has hilltops, while the northeast has good access to transit routes. The southeast is a fast-developingneighbourhood, and the southwest inner city is vibrant and bustling.

Even if you don’t know which community to choose, once you decide on a favourite quadrant, you can visit it in person. Ask yourself some questions like:

• Do you need an easy commute to school and work?
• What about the location’s proximity to parks, hospitals, banks, etc.?

You can also find some constructions going on; take a look at the models and decide it is for you. Investigate the area and speak to your prospective neighbours before you finalize.

The price of the home build falls to the last of this list because it is associated with various factors like design features, materials, and your builder. You arrive at the overall cost of the home from the base model price, cost of the lot, installed features, finishes, upgrades, and other extras you may choose.

Finally, it also depends on how much mortgage you want because the interest rates can add up to the initial amount over the years. In any case, money is not an issue when you want to build the home of your dreams that offers a comfortable living situation. It is advisable to talk to the best custom home builders Calgary to get a concrete idea of what to expect.

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